Favorite Drink

Well it has changed over the years.

Tea, orange juice, milk, lemonade, water,

And then it grew to alcohol, bad, I know.

Loved wine, first stuff to start drinking, I didn’t care for beer until later, just drank it because everyone else did. I liked mostly rum for mixed drinks.

Then came the pop stage. I only had it growing up on Saturdays with pizza when grandma made it. Then when I could go to Stop n Shop I would sometimes get one but really liked the lemon lime crystal light drink. Why did they stop making it?

Then college had it more often but not everyday. Only one usually. i like about anything but mt dew. Yuck. I really like Dr Pib but can only get it once in awhile in some places.

Then came working at the grocery store. It was easy to get because I was right there. I did drink the bottle for a long time and only one when it was 75 cents, wow cheap huh.

Going out for bowling, beer became a good thirst quencher. Coors Light, can, bottle, draft, it changed what was cheapest.

Then the pop went up in price I started to get the fountain pop which was yummy at the store. And then at the conveince store after work. It was more of a habit and something to do then really wanting it.

Now after the stroke changed my habits. Weird. Again, creature of habit. Always have been. Big reason why I never did drugs even though people tried to say I did them. I figured it would become a habit and knew they were really bad for you. What was drilled into our heads as kids, Say no to drugs. So that is what I did. But I didn’t see alcohol as a drug, oops.

At first, I couldn’t handle the bubbles in my throat swallowing. So, I didn’t want a pop. I’ve always liked water, just can’t drink it fast yet because of the stroke, getting better.

I love hot chocolate usually 2 a day in all weather. i use a straw and then I get my water intake, I drink in a glass of 16oz so more than the packet requires.

Some favorite drinks and waters. Now we have soft filtered water so I don’t get the bottled water much. Yummy. I love ice cream.

I’ve grown to love this bubbly water, didn’t before the stroke. I have one a day most days.

I love the mango smoothie from here when the daughter comes to visit. It’s in Manhattan, but we have Scooters here that has a Mango smoothie. So new likes since the stroke. 🙂

Before the stroke 32oz was the pick but I did fill it with half ice, but now I don’t have teeth to crunch on the ice. So, a smaller pop is my choice now, 20 0r 24 oz. Only on weekends or if having someone to get me one. So, a plus that I don’t drive yet.

Normally a 7.5 oz a day makes me happy. I downsized a lot. I don’t drink since really being here in JC since 2013. I still like a beer but don’t want one.

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