New Things and Old Memories

The new storage, thanks to hubby. It’s all in one space behind a door and enclosed. As he says no bugs getting in here. I’ll post when full. Lots of stuff will be rid of time to get rid of stuff I don’t use. A good thing that happened because of the stroke, makes me want to clean up not hoard! A good thing. Plus, I don’t want to leave loved ones with a mess. But I’m staying around for a long time!

Now to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I don’t talk about him much, but I do miss and love him lots. Miss the grandparents, my aunt and uncle that don’t get together anymore and their two boys that were like brothers to me growing up. Only dad and the grandparents are gone but I bet it is a lot better up there than down here with all the changes going on.

Happy heavenly birthday dad!

He had custody of me, but in grade school was in and out of my life. His parents adopted me and raised me. Admit that was a hard thing for me to accept, even for mom. But it was for the best. I love all my relatives just don’t know many. Miss the fun family stuff on dad’s side. I have few memories of mom’s side but do get to know them thanks to social media and cellphones.

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