Nazi Yard Lady

It’s what I like to call her. In our hometown. 4 hours away, 3 hubby driving, lol

She lives in another town which I think is wrong, should have to live in the town to know what is going on. She handles what use to be occasional complaints from neighbors, which the city should do. I don’t think it happens much, ??? City to busy, lol I hear she makes a good chunk of city tax money too. Grrr.

Well, we got a letter from her on the grandparents’ house, the family home.

complaint, House appears abandoned, has boarded up windows on the North side, and needs attention.

What the hell! Why is it anybody’s business! We had a hailstorm knock out windows so boarded it up until we can put new windows in. It’s not their business.

I’m tired of the government getting involved with everything. Not that she is government, but they did hire her. A small-town use to be left alone.

We plan on putting in different size windows so that takes time and work with the frame. It’s winter too.

I texted her and of course when? Really, we are trying in the next year but it is a sucky economy right now.

Violation day is Feb 14 but letter dated Feb 21.

Way to kill hometown people liking their hometown when they act like big city people.

We would like to still enjoy our family house and have many more memories there. This breaks my heart.

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