Our Weekend in the Hospital

Her mom was an A while not feeling good.

Author – F.F. Mooney

We had big plans for the weekend, ZeQara, Hades, and I. We were going to wake up Saturday morning and do a few chores then head to Gma and Papa’s house in JC. We’d spend the afternoon and evening with them, then wake up Sunday morning and Zozo and I would head to Nebraska for my Great Gma Rita’s 94th Birthday party and we’d get to see Papa Eddy and the rest of the family there.

I had the luggage packed and was ready to load it all into the car, when I checked on Zozo laying in my bed, watching TV. She looked really tired and I asked if she was okay. She responded saying she was really, really tired. She didn’t leave the bed as I loaded some things and cleaned the cat boxes. Then I got lunch ready and when I went back in my room, she…

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