Menards for Shopping Spree

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

We really need to do our deck, found out the builders didn’t brace it well. We also need a fence so the grandkids and the puppies can run around. Worried the hubby won’t be able to build both, his back is causing problems and he won’t ask for help. Always been his problem. We have helpers but he will find some reason to not get it done. Without the fence I can’t take the dogs out to potty and I’m the one here mostly.

One of those things we should have done in the beginning, but he was truck driving, and we didn’t think about getting dogs or me having a stroke. I always helped before and could push him along but now he has gotten more stubborn and I’m useless.


Life, just never know what is going to change life.

We love just going and walking around for fun. Lots of wants and thoughts if we would win the lottery.

We actually want to do metal with wood on top so the dogs won’t get out and so we don’t have to fix wood all time. Kansas weather can be deadly.

Photo by Nothing Ahead on

We want the top be like wood above the tin. We would really love castle rock style but costs to much. Dreaming. Come on Lottery!

We did tin at grandma’s house for a short section and really looks nice. Total privacy and low maintenance.

At our house back home but have to do lots of repairing.

We would do a green cause the white reflects and don’t want to blind the neighbors.

One can dream.


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