The granddaughter, Zozo is an artist in the making. She watches her mom and learns how to be creative. She’s 3 and is like a sponge.

Her mommy and some more art from Christmas time.

This lady, my aunt Mary was a big influence on me and my daughter. Very creative person. She did costumes, every holiday, birthdays, painted when she was younger, and home designs or decorations plus she can cook wonderful meals. Homemade birthday cakes were the best. Yum.

I think I read that art is not inherited but learned. We learn from around us. Practice makes perfect. We all love to learn from our family.

Hubby and I went walking at the pond yesterday, chilly and windy. It’s really windy today, probably won’t go but it is 66 degrees out so who knows.

This is my favorite art here, US.

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