Chapt. 3 Memory, Adventure

‘I worked for a local farmer in the summer of 1999, you came out to the farm with a girl, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Can’t remember her name but I didn’t forget you. We hung out on the farm and then went to a party that night.’ pg. 11

corn field during daytime
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‘This man should make my blood boil with rage not set it in fire with lust. What the heck is wrong with me? He snatched me.’ pg. 12

‘I don’t know if leaving would be too wise. See, when I found you, a man had been chasing you and when I went out earlier, he was out there only with several others. I am not the guilty one. I put you in the storage closet in case he happened to come to the door asking questions. You were hidden in there if he would happen to come to the door.’ pg. 12

‘A loud bang came from outside that made us both jump.’

‘He ran over, grabbed my arm and led me back to the storage room. He shut the door behind us. Motioned for me to be quiet. He locked the door gently and put his arm on mine as if to tell me to stay still.’ pg. 12

unrecognizable people demonstrating prohibition with hands
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‘I could feel a sneeze coming. Crap. Doing everything I could to hold it in. I sneeze my funny half sneeze. Mystery man covered my face up in case there was another one coming. I normally do sneeze more than once, luckily this time I did not. Did he remember that from years ago? Why can’t I remember?’ pg. 13

‘He motioned for me to crawl into the box. I shook my head no, not in that smelly thing. He motioned again with a rather angry look and whispered get in. I peered over the side of it and saw the bottom had been opened and there was a ladder leading down below. Just like out of an adventure novel! I smiled. Did my best to not think of the smell.’ pg. 13

light inside chest box
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‘It was airy and pitch black. It smelled musty and I could hear running water. My feet touched ground. After he was down, he took my hand, and he led us closer to the water sound.’ pg. 14

‘Mystery man lit a candle and placed it on a wooden table against the wall. He started opening tubs searching for something. He found a flashlight and shone it in my eyes. Bright light.’ pg. 14

person holding match stick with fire in front of candle with fire
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‘I shook my head in agreement and began to follow him down the cold, dark cave like tunnel. Just where it leads and what the story is behind this, I can’t wait to find out. My heart won’t stop racing from the unknown and Mr. Blue eyes.’ pg. 15

pg 11 through 15.

white pillar candle beside clear glass bottle

Chapt. 2 Stranger?

“I slammed the lid back down. Covered my nose and did my best to not be sick. A lovely symptom to add to my splitting headache, true hangover without the fun beforehand. After the smell faded, I began crawling again. Felt a slight breeze on my face, maybe I am close to the doorway. Bumped into something in front of me. Decided to stand up feeling all the way up. Moved my hand to the right, a doorknob.” pg. 7

(google images)

“He was tall, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. The most amazing eyes, I might add. The bluest of blue. Reminded me of the clearest ocean waters. I couldn’t stop staring at them.” pg. 7

“I cannot figure out why he is acting as though I am not a prisoner.” pg. 8

(google images) My mind picturing a small cottage.

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“While enjoying the meal, I scanned the small cottage. There were a lot of photos of nature and no portrait ones. One photo had the most brilliant purple stone on a beach setting. It was dazzling.” pg. 8

“You really do not remember me.” he spoke irritated. pg. 10

pages 6 through 10

green leafed tree

Chapt 1 Tidbits

narrow river in cold winter woods
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(think of it frozen)

“My friends and I would slide down the steep creek bank which zoomed us across the frozen water to the other side.” pg. 2

turned on floor lamp near sofa on a library room
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(lots of books)

“I have an entire room in my house devoted to books. I call it the Library Cave, some people have Man Caves, I have a Library Cave.” pg. 2

green leafed tree
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“On the right side of the path is the old crooked tree that we would play truth,dare, or double dare when we were in grade school, it was coined the Love Tree, hence all the initials carved in it. ” pg. 3

anonymous stylish man in hat in darkness
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“I could see a shadow of one person. He was tall, masculine built, wearing a hat and far enough away I couldn’t make out the face.” pg. 4

tranquil woman lying on ground in park
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“My heart pounding and my mind telling me to run faster. I felt a hand grab my arm, I swung around, losing my footing and falling to the ground. My head smacked the ground with a thump, and then the world went dark.” pg. 5

pages 1-5, 1st chapter

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It’s the pits to get reviews on any site. I don’t have many sold but the ones I have don’t use reviews. Bummer but glad for people reading my book. Makes me wonder if I don’t review enough. I’ve gotten better but not always good writing reviews but at least i write something.

Playing with the settings on the writing tool. :0

it will be nice to type with both hands, at least i hope it happens. i am getting good typing with one hand just not capitalizing it. lol i get lazy typing. i was a fast typist. i was good in typewriter class, showing my age now. lol i loved that class. I had a typewriter the old kind and I had an electric one. Still have it but can’t get ribbons anymore. Amazing how things have changed.

black and white typewriter on white table
Photo by cottonbro on mine was like this.

The photo image didn’t know what a wordprocesser was. I had one of those. I will look for it when we go back home. it would show up on a small screen what I typed. But it was similar to a typewriter. Computers were for people who were rich or high intelligence in the job. it took a while for my family to use computers at home. Grandpa taught himself at work, parts manager. He was mad a lot learning it. lol I only learned at school. I didn’t get one till late 20s and it was used and slow. lol A lot has changed.

When did you get your first computer?

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I changed the website. A simple one.

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The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels Boxed Set by Melanie Summers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this one. The wedding was a great surprise. It definitely was what both wanted not a fancy one.
This was 3 books in one kindle. The most I’ve read in a long time, 800 some pages, 876? i forget. My memory is not up to par yet since the stroke 2020. This was a funny a great love story. They had two babies and lived happy. I loved her personal bodyguard who ends up being a manny, and great match. The fights between her and hubby are a hoot! I’m glad his dad loved being a grandpa. Her mom’s cat was an evil cat, lol

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The Bone Curse

The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great and interesting read. I liked how the chapters were small and many. A thriller that kept me interested! I wanted to keep reading. I learned fun stuff about black magic and Haitian voodoo but don’t want to mess with it. One I will read again someday.

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I really enjoyed this, she is an awesome writer. I will read the others.

Oberlin Puzzle House (nickname)

I miss our backyard. Though these days it is nothing but grass weeds. lol This was in 2012. I worked on it for the oldest son’s graduation party. Fun.
Definitely no stepping stones anymore. i put them out front. Grass has grown over now.
Grass has overgrown it. The bottles were a sugar drink that the son drank.
Can’t even see the white rocks anymore.
The middle son’s tree from school. The only one we planted. lol It’s grown into a bush like tree.
Most is all grass now or rather weed grass. lol
No longer have the swing. Winds blew it many times so we threw it away. Miss swinging. The canopy is here in JC in the garage. Maybe someday put it up.

The driving on the road hubby did after army retirement kept us not coming back, and then the pandemic didn’t help any, and finally the last year and half my stroke really changed stuff. I like to take charge with stuff on my own and can’t now. I still have little use of one arm and slow energy. I hate it. But not giving up just less I can do. Changes things a lot. Won’t look like that anymore but glad I took pictures.

Stay in shape people because you may regret it. I do.