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Yearly Percentage According to Me

I think I am at 50% on being back to a new normal me.

The stroke took a lot from me, personally. I feel for anyone who has had a disability after knowing being normal not having a disability. I at least had a normal life for 50 years, so I see this as a reset to begin again.

It’s like beginning at toddler stage. Relearning to walk, talk, eat, and comprehend. I still don’t know for sure why I had the stroke other than blood pressure but am so thankful my vessels and heart all checked out ok, so need to keep it that way so another one does not happen again. Or I might not get another chance to be here.

My mind goes over things all the time like a writer thinks of plots. Well, it could be this or that and I have to stop thinking about it. But my mind and imagination continues. Maybe it will become a book someday, lol.

I can’t remember after the hospital in JC and the flight to the hospital in Kansas City. I’m so glad the daughter was living there then; she was a big help and being there for hubby and me.

Don’t remember hubby or the daughter being there until a few weeks after. I do remember the oldest son visiting and holding my hand probably because he had to come from far away.? I had weird thoughts until I fully came down to earth. One was when I had the MRI done and the music and noise made me cry and I thought I was in a flying saucer. Another one was with hubby in a room waiting, I assume another of the many tests, and we were being guinea pigs to whether we could withstand fire. Weird. Yes, we did make it.

The mind is a crazy thing.

It was great that they let hubby stay in the room with me the whole time. He went to the daughters for a shower and a break here and there. It took almost a year to quit being afraid to be alone. I was always a loner so was a new experience for me.

At first, I walked with a cane and some use of a wheelchair, thanks to hubby’s dad, RIP, gone a few years. Balance was a struggle, but therapy helped a lot. Talking was a struggle but therapy helped and eating then my teeth went bad. Frustrating, but bound to happen. They even ruled out my teeth as a reason. Again, maybe it was, ? I had them for 20 years longer than the periodontist thought I would have.

I say this year has been ups to recovering. I’m talking better even with no teeth. I think it will take a little longer for the dentures to work like they are supposed to work. I have learned to eat with out and the family has learned to cut stuff up for me. 🙂 The balance is better but still not where it should be. My stroke arm is way better I can least use it just not like I want to. Need to build more muscle, hubby’s working on the gym area in the basement. 🙂 I still get tired easily but not to the point to close my eyes but sleeping at night is better. I used to sleep so heavily and often so weird now, but reading has helped in fact I yawn when I start. lol My body at times I can feel like nerves are waking up. So weird, call me weird.

Again, I think I’m at 50% to the new normal.

I can smile facial muscles are coming back, now to get arm working so I can do my hair. Not good at the one-handed left hand. But thankful I have it.

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Books That Are Going to Be Adapted for TV Shows and Movies in 2023 — Books of Brilliance

The new year means new movies and we can’t wait to see which books are adapted into TV shows and movies. There are many great books to adapt and we have news about some of those books that will be getting an adaption this year. We all know that the book is always better but…

Books That Are Going to Be Adapted for TV Shows and Movies in 2023 — Books of Brilliance

interesting, might watcg a few.

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New Exercise and Therapy

I got a pulley arm thingy to make arm exercise. Hubby has to figure out where to put it until I can put it over the door to use it. I love it, it will be a longtime use, forever arm exercise.

I got a hand massager, feels so nice and I think it will get my hand moving better and maybe faster.

I got a cool candle lighter; I have missed lighting them this makes it easy and safe to light. Yay.

A neat reading watch haven’t quite figured out. Anything reading is cool. Also, earrings and an ornament. Books. Favorite thing.

I also got a pretty necklace, but I need to get a chain that will go over my head until I can fasten the clasps. I miss my necklaces and earrings. Someday.

Stroke go away be just a memory.

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Best Of 2022: Reading Round-Up + 2023 Reading Goals — Hey, I’m Reading

There are affiliate links in here.  I get a small commission if you purchase through them at no extra cost to you 2021 was my best reading year by far and I’m not sure I’ll ever get there again and that’s ok. But in 2022 I still read over 100 books which was pretty similar […]

Best Of 2022: Reading Round-Up + 2023 Reading Goals — Hey, I’m Reading
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Boston Public Library’s Most Borrowed Books of 2022 — Books of Brilliance

The Boston Public Library has released its list of the most checked out books in 2022. The list id dominated by fiction and shows just what the city of Boston likes to read. Library patrons checked out many books and we have the data to see which books were among the favorites. This list includes…

Boston Public Library’s Most Borrowed Books of 2022 — Books of Brilliance
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Supper, Easy Dish I Can Make

Stew meat, I season it with a garlic, pepper, Himalayan salt, ginger, and fennel seeds. Yummy. We get our beef for the week. I can flip the meat ok, definitely not a left-handed person but at least I can cook it. Hubby is awesome at cutting the salad so I can eat it. One day I will be able to eat with my teeth. My mouth is getting better from the stroke, back to almost normal. We also had white rice, in the microwave and lathered with butter. 🙂 It’s the little things.

It’s my meal to fix with help from hubby. lol

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Tents are Fun

The granddaughter got a new tent for Christmas, she liked it and the dog wanted in. .lol

it was funny to watch. lol

This was her tent before Christmas, I think she loves doing this too. She has imagination. My exercise machine is covered. lol

Tents are fun even outdoors.

This was in 2013, a long time since we have done this. I don’t think our backs could handle it without a blowup mattress. We made fun of Nancy when she brought one this trip, sorry. Fun times. We use to do this often when hubby and I first dated. Some day we will take the grandkids and the adults are welcome too. 🙂

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Tuesday…Thankful For First Friends/School Friends

First friends and school friends mold a person. They are the people you grow with and talk to when you can’t talk to an adult. They make you laugh and sometimes cry but they are there for you. And if you are lucky, they stay lifelong friends. We are lucky these days to have social media to stay in touch and even embarrass them. lol

Friends in grade school, jr. high, and high school. We had about 10 of us girls that hung together, not always close but branched off in pairs. Fun times, fighting times, when do girls not fight. lol

In high school we went in different directions but new each girl was there if you needed her. I’m glad for digital now at least pics look better. lol

The good thing of a small-town small class sizes so we knew everyone. Most of the time we got along with everyone. Our class was 50. Students moved away and sometimes we got new ones. Thanks to all my childhood friends, great memories.