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Used My Dominate Hand Some

Yesterday, I wrapped packages! First since 2020 stroke. Tape was really fun, lol. The little pkg wasn’t so easy to do. But the flat pkgs were fun, my hand could hold the paper so I could wrap.

Good exercise for my hands and sticking my tongue out, lol.

I had to get the paper in the basement, so steps going down and I decided to do the weights. Played with the cats and gave them a treat.

I guess I dialed my youngest kid and didn’t realize it, side pocket dial. I could hear a voice say hello but thought I was hearing things. lol My phone is getting touchy. Deleted all apps til I am better. Except Instagram.

Ninja and Emo. I can’t wait to take care of them fully. I’m very thankful for hubby doing it but he doesn’t like them. He was always gone so it didn’t bother him that they were here but he knows I love them so he won’t get rid of them even though I was in tears and said I would be ok if he did. Good hubby, but they will be our last ones.

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More Exercising

This is in the library, I love this. I’ve done very little this year because hubby is a worry wart and feels I will fall, or the cats will trip me. I just go slow and watch for the cats, so now I am trying to do it every day. Right now, just the weight of the bars and leg thingy. It’s more to move my arms and legs. Will add weight later as I feel I should.

I used it more in the beginning before I got sick with my teeth last year, hubby would take me down. Getting sick takes a lot out of me. If I don’t move around, walk, stretch, simple exercises not aerobic but easy stuff my body gets unmovable. It must move! The stroke recovery is a weird thing. I can’t go backwards must move forward in recovery. Slow moving is a must.

It’s like I can’t just lay in bed or on the couch, must get up and move. I can’t wait til I move at least as fast as a rabbit and not like a turtle. lol

I try to do 30 reps of arms and 30 reps legs. It doesn’t seem like much, but a stroke makes you tired, extreme fatigue. I hate it. I wish I had never complained before the stroke.

I do 10 mins on this, sometimes I’ll do more if I have a burst of energy.

My little bike, lol, I use this 10 mins sometimes more. Just depends on what I do on the other things.

The treadmill in the back, granddaughter and hubby. 🙂 I use it mostly when I can’t go outside or do no walking around the house. 1000 steps at a time. Last week I did 3000 steps one day, full of energy. Then somedays I do laundry, go downstairs, etc. We have a flight of stairs up to Jessup’s room. Another flight going downstairs so lots of moving around.

Laundry is quite the exercise! I can’t hold a lot of clothes or towels so takes many trips which is steps!

I have hand weights and squeeze balls, so I do keep busy but sometimes that ugly procrastination creeps up.

I did love my therapy at the center downtown, but my teeth got in the way and had to stop. Sad face. It made me lose energy to go and don’t drive yet so it was an added problem. But I learned a lot in the short time I was there and try to do it at home. It got expensive for our budget also. Plus, I was not liking the cold, even in the heat, crazy. My temperature was out of wack for a year. So much better this year, feel normal. I tell you a stroke has been quite the experience. Don’t wish it on anyone.

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Cozy Fire

We have lived in our house 8 years, probably have turned the fireplace on maybe 3 times. We turned it on tonight.

Love this photo, my son’s wedding. The daughter did the wedding. 2017.

Might have to turn it on more. We will see. 🙂

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Very little. Just not into it anymore. Maybe give my decorations to the daughter. ?

I need to get rid of stuff. Too much stuff.

I liked it in my younger days, but my older age is no more.

I wish the color would show up in sharing, oh well.

Happy first day to Halloween! We have the granddaughter for the weekend, love her but I am tired for all weekends. Hopefully next summer I will be back to my old self again. Hope.

Have a great weekend!

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Exercise or Just Relaxing

I ordered this off of Amazon to do floor exercises. It will also be a twin bed cover on our downstairs twin bed. We had to throw away the top mattress because cats peed on it. I was determined to get the smell out but hubby won to throw it away. I give in a lot post stroke time. lol So it is killing two birds with one stone, two functions so it saved us money. 🙂

It’s comfy. It does lay out flat and still comfy.

I want to get my arms and wrists flexible. It’s like being 90 years old when getting up. Really sucks. Nothing like going from 40s to 90s in warp speed.

I want to get into learning yoga. I feel it is a super soft yoga mat too. 🙂

One thing my butt has changed to being boney from being fat and cushy.

It definitely has been big changes in my life, I don’t wish it on anyone. Hopefully people will learn to take care of themselves from my experience. I’m lucky I have a wonderful hubby and great kids helping. My daughter and I have grown closer thru this.

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picture purfect

She had to pose to send to her mom. lol

She loves to take pictures. Going to miss having her here every day but glad her mom will have her. I need my body back to handle her. lol I wish I could drive and take her places, like the park. We were at the store, and she was being nice and holding my hand, but would walk into me. lol Really doesn’t work well holding my right hand, stroke hand, getting better but my balance is still off. I wonder if this is how it is when we are kids learning to walk. lol

I miss driving, almost 2 years since I drove. Miss my independence. It is nice my hubby and kids help me but I was very independent before. I hope someday again. I do adjust but gets me sad.

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We have been watching the granddaughter since mid-August because mommy is doing the army thing. It’s been fun but also tiring. I’ll miss her but be glad to get back to being grandparents and seeing her on an occasional weekend. I will really like seeing the daughter again and being able to text her. She is my bestest friend as her daughter likes to say. lol

I see why grandparents are not parents, couldn’t keep up with youngsters. I should have taken better care of myself. Listen young people so you will have better older years. 🙂

We made many fort blankets. Loved doing those as a kid.

She doesn’t eat well, so it was a challenge every day. She got fed interesting meals. Can’t wait till she is older. Her mom was a picky eater but a better eater and now she loves vegetables that I don’t. That makes me happy.

She does have quite the imagination and loves to sing her own lyrics.

We did the best we could to teach her to pick up. She has the bad habit of leaving a mess and I will be glad to have the house back to normal. Only picking up after hubby. lol

We didn’t do anything special since hubby works and I’m still recovering from my stroke. Still tired from that. Maybe next summer, I hope, but not four weeks straight. 🙂

outside fun
such a big helper
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Hum Drum

Had a good weekend watching the granddaughter for her mommy to go to drill weekend. And I thought I was done with those. At least I have help with her. I’m amazed that I did them by self from 1999-2014 when hubby was in the Navy reserves and then the army reserves until retirement. I think if I had been with him his entire career, would have handled it???? My immaturity says no, but my love says hell yea!

He was a great grandpa, made her a tent fort!

I loved making these as a kid. Brought back good memories.

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Funny Monday lol

Today the daughter was getting the granddaughter ready to go home and asked her to put on her shoes. She had them on a few hours ago so we knew they were in the house somewhere. My hubby was home for lunch and was getting ready to go back to work, set out to find the shoe with everyone else. He emptied her backpack, looked under furniture, looked in other rooms, but had to leave. Where could that shoe be? We were bound determined to find it even though she has other shoes here. She’s like her momma and loves shoes. lol Jessup was looking with us. Zozo was a bit upset we couldn’t find it. So momma put another pair on her. Said their goodbyes and left. I did a few things and put the towels in the dryer from having hanged them, to fluff them up. The dryer is fixed thank goodness glad hubby knows electronics, cost was $245.00 much cheaper than a new one. I sat down for a bit and happen to look up at the treadmill, I burst out laughing, oh my, I remember her putting the shoe there. lol None of us had looked up. Oh boy. They are going to laugh. Happy Monday 🙂
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Dryer Burned Out

black and white clean housework launderette
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We have got a lot of use out of it but looks like a laundromat might be in the future. I could use a clothesline about now. I had one at the old house. I don’t mind them. We have steps to go down to get to the yard could be a problem. hmmm.

1st dryer, grandparents got one at an auction.

2nd dryer, a second hand one, used a laundromat mostly to get it done because it wasn’t that good of one. Two small kids in tow. lol

3rd , I bought brand new and was great. Until two kids and neighbor boy played hide n seek in it, still worked for while.

4th, grandma bought one as a wedding gift for us. Very good one.

5th, hubby and i bought one through the military card. Lots of use out of it. 4 kids and 2 adults and now grandkids. can’t complain.

6th, ??? wonder??? fix it if can be or hang dry for a while or new??? decisions