pink flowers in close up photography


As my daughter use to call them. lol

Her daughter and I planted some today from seeds. Who knows if they will grow? lol

She loved doing it so that’s what counts. Hope some come up. They sure don’t put much in a packet. I was disappointed in the foxglove ones, so tiny and I don’t think but two were in there but again the granddaughter who is 3 was helping. She did great with watering. Loves to do that.

We planted in containers and out front, so they get the morning sun.

Planted Zinneas, foxgloves, hollyhocks, and something with a Lupine. They attract hummingbirds. Maybe.

This was in 2018. But I didn’t keep up with it.
This was on the deck in 2018. The 3 containers are what we planted the flowers in out front now.
This is where I want to put the containers beside if flowers grow, by the hummingbird feeder. The daughter planted the marigolds for me. I suck at that too. lol Rain makes them pretty.
This was the burn pit when we first did it. I should have kept up. I tried. Then found out it is crooked. lol And the city has a law against pits within 50 feet of a wood building so we decided to make it a flower place this year. We got rid of the tree because it was an apple tree and it is close to underground utilities that the original owners planted. We change things all the time when stuff doesn’t work out.
gentle digitalis purpurea plant with thin flowers growing in garden
Photo by Skyler Ewing on foxglove if they grow
red hollyhock flowers in tilt shift lens
Photo by Saakshi on hollyhock if they grow
close up photography of zinnia flowers
Photo by Swapnil Chakraborty on zinnea if they grow
pink flowers in close up photography
Photo by monicore on lupine if they grow

Non-dominate Hand

I didn’t think about my left (non dominate) hand needing to be stronger than my right until I had to go through it (stroke) . I feel for anyone having to switch hands cause of illness, physical ailments, etc. My left is getting stronger but there is a lot I can’t do as well. Practice practice exercise exercise. Word of advice, give both hands equal time in strength and using them. Because it’s a bitch when you have to use the one you are not use to. I must say I have learned to work my left to accomplish tasks, might be funny and many accidents. lol Maybe it will create a funny story in the future. lol I know I will jump for joy when both my hands are equally moving etc. I have to ask for help for things like opening jars, packages, and clothes but it’s getting better. Strength is much needed now. I will be a super human when both hands are moving! And keep them both moving. I am thankful to have at least one hand. Hubby said in the hospital I couldn’t move both for a short time and then I started moving my left hand over and over, exercising. Weird that I would choose my left over the right but maybe I knew my left would help me be independent. Things in our house are mostly on my left side so made it easier. Less I had to depend on someone. Or maybe because several family members are left handed, my dad (they changed him in school) my son, and my cousin. I think weird sometimes. lol

Fairy Garden

My son Shay, wife Cassie and grandson Jayce gave me this for Mother’s Day
This is another garden with fairy stuff. I have fairies, door, and a house with trees and such.

I have a few items on the porch but need to get a pot to decorate, so photos later. I love decorating with these. I’m not so good with flowers so fairy gardens are the next best thing. 🙂 I have to put them in containers and such because the men will mow them over if I don’t. lol

I want to put fairies in one of my stories but need to think of it first. Ghosts and fairies are interesting to me. Things made up. Right now my mind is blank thanks to the stroke. So I am reading as much as I can to get the creative dreams going. I use to daydream all the time and my stories would come alive! I’m so anxious to get back to typing and handwriting with left and right hand. 🙂

I’ve started a journal again thanks to my daughter of course more small words because my left hand is messy. But glad that I can write! Hopefully, I will remember what I meant by the shorthand. lol May make a funny story lol.

I was glad I wrote my first book before the stroke, but I put it away because I didn’t think it was good.

  1. Obeyville Snoop – I like it so that’s what made me happy. Published Sept 2021
  2. Snoop in Overdrive – not done, mind block, 10 chpters done for now
  3. no title and no idea last of the series.
actual book
this is the cover I designed when I had my software and was studying graphic design.

The stroke took a few things away, memory, thinking, money, etc

I will get it back! I want to.

Mother’s day events.

My daughter gave me an exercise ball by request. It was fun watching everyone try it out. In fact I was laughing and fell off, not hurt. lol
I tried it at lunch when hubby was home. Fun to bounce on.
Alot of exercises eventually…
The daughter in law and son and grandson got me the fairy house. I collect those. And the mushrooms. 😉

Looks cool at night. 🙂
Hubby made me a key holder, got tired of them falling. lol he’s creative.
a person mowing the lawn
Photo by Magic K on

Jessup mowed! Hope to be able to again soon. He didn’t get his allergies! Win win. The youngest didn’t come home finishing up college.

My day was good. Went shopping with the daughter and granddaughter. She bought me two night sleepers(shorts and shirt, so soft), a pan, and muffin pan. She spoils us. She also gave me some lotion.

Hope every lady had a good day, eating, resting, or Reading!

New Office Space

I moved my creative space last summer. I thought it was good to because of remembering the stroke happened in there. I started organizing it because of more movement of my right hand. 🙂 Feels good to be down in the basement again. Like I am doing something other than sitting watching TV. Plus I get to play with the cats! I text Jessup when I go down there and then when I go back up. Eases my hubby’s mind. It will take awhile to finish.

I will take pictures when it is finished. I also have a room for photos and puzzle putting together. It was my first office. And a sewing room and library which is the old office. The cats litter boxes are in there too.

So I have three spaces 🙂

Hubby keeps griping because no window in my office. It doesn’t bother me. I had a job that had no window worked there for 20 years. Plus there is a window in the puzzle room so I can go in there when need to. 🙂 And a bed to rest my back.

Rule As A Kid

What one rule from your childhood do you not agree with now that you’re an adult? (400 writing prompts book) No drinking or eating in other rooms.

We have adopted the rule, no drinking and eating in other rooms than the kitchen as long as you pick up right after. But they don’t always obey right away.

My kids leave dishes for weeks before bringing them down to the kitchen. Plus spilling. I wished we had never let them eat in other rooms besides the kitchen area.

Growing up we always ate every meal together in the kitchen.

We were spoiled, had a tv on the fridge so we could watch tv. Usually news and game shows. A time when we only had 13 channels. lol But it was color! The black and white one was in my room, a 13inch tv. I usually listened to music and read. Grandpa figured out how to splice cable to be in every room. My room, grandparents room, living room, kitchen, and where the pool table was. I lived with my grandparents from the time I was six until I graduated. Good times. It was awesome having a pool table room, which was a separate little house, one room, we called the Shanty. Lots of playing pool. Lots of family get togethers. Aunts, uncles, cousins and great aunts, uncles, cousins too. My grandma had 15 siblings, it was a blast. Grandpa had several half siblings too. Some lived close by, but several lived miles away but they would visit. Now most are gone. 🙁

Our living room is open to the dining room so we eat in there now that everyone is graduated. We did eat most suppers as a family at the table but there were several times they asked to eat in their rooms as teenagers. Since I had my stroke usually I’m only eat at the table.

Kinda lonely.

Hubby sits in his chair because the table chairs hurt his back. Dang times have changed.

Our current house.
Our house in my hometown, our first house. The boys were young.
Grandparents house which we still have. The Shanty is the little room in the background there. Big yard.

Trampoline…bye bye

Grandson and the youngest son having fun.
Daughter-in-law and her son having fun.
Daughter and granddaughter having fun.
The youngest and friends having fun by the trampoline. My friends and I would be jumping on it, we did on our 5 year reunion, someone’s trampoline. lol
Last jumping fun. We were going to take it down and got lazy. We were going to pass it to the daughter.
Then the wind storm happened. It was anchored down too. 🙁
Jessup tore it down to pieces and we carried it up by the garage. My I got a workout. I used my right stroke hand to carry small pieces and we had to walk up a small hill with the stuff. We got it done. A guy is going to take the metal that hubby knows, recycle!

Yesterday Was My Birthday

Hubby got me some new pants and a couple shirts. I didn’t take a picture of the shirts but they are long sleeve and bright colors. A pair of pajama bottoms. One good thing about losing weight, a new wardrobe! The daughter has bought me a lot of clothes since last year. She likes buying clothes. 🙂

Tomorrow she’s bringing cupcakes. Yay. And so far hubby’s brother and his almost spouse is coming to see us also. She is also one of my best friends in fact we got them together when we were married. They are in no hurry to get married, 20 years.

The weather seems to be nice compared to the last few days. In fact the next week in the 40-50s sounds good to me. Anymore I don’t care for the freezing temps. Need to gain back my extra flubber. lol But not all flubber. I would like some butt to come back and my boobs. lol

It was a good birthday, I was in rehab from my stroke from December 2020 so great day this year with family and hopefully friends.

Granddaughter Week

Me and Mr. Pineapple, queezey peezy until Zozo takes it away. lol 🙂
Uncle Jessup, the main sitter.

She likes him watching her because she can pick on him. lol It’s good for him instead of watching videos and gaming all day unless I need help which is getting less by the month. Yay! Mommy is at army training until Friday so we will have fun all week and be wore out. 🙂 She plays pretty good with her blocks and stuff. Only complaint like any kid never wants to eat at the table or a meal. Growing up I knew it was the law to eat at the table and at meal time. Times have changed. Society has gotten to busy. We ate most meals with our kids at the table but they did pick up bad habits with eating away from the table at all hours. Their friends and activities changed them to eat whenever and where ever. I miss Sunday dinners with the family. Good times and good food. Miss my grandparents.

Christmas Wish #11

Almost Christmas Eve! We didn’t do a lot shopping but at least we are together at home instead of the hospital and I know what is going on this year, don’t remember a single thing last year.

I wish to remember all years past and present. I hope never to have dementia or alzheimer’s. We watched grandma go through dementia and it is sad. 🙁 I should have done more to help her but I was a work aholic back then and stupid.