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Books, Shelves, and More

Books, Shelves, and More

 (Creative Cave Room, JC) My current books on one lonely shelf. 🙂  (Basement outside Creative Cave Room, JC) This wall will sometime in the future be my rows of shelves for my books. I have not brought all my books from the Puzzle House yet. I am waiting until this is done so we don’t … Continue reading

Rip It Up…Again!

 Kitchen at the Puzzle House. Our weekend was spent demolishing our kitchen, again. I do believe this is the third time we have removed the cabinets. This should be the last time for several decades, I hope. 🙂 When I moved into this house it had a very small kitchen. I love the size of … Continue reading

It’s All Ours…Puzzle Castle!

 Our home back home. 🙂 We paid off our mortgage last week! It is officially all ours. What a great feeling. 🙂 It is a very old house with many issues but they are slowly being dealt with. We were living there full time until last year when hubby went active duty for the Army … Continue reading

Our Very Old House

This is the beginning of what will be our new bathroom at our house in my hometown. The last of the dirty slat wood! Yes, it is a very OLD house. Actually, it was two buildings that were put together way back when and made into a house. It looks to have been a second … Continue reading