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Mumble Talking

The short story. See if this is big enough. Write some words today. What will I write? One handed because two does not work well and that is ok for now. I am wearing my teeth on top. A bit of saliva. My eyesight is blurry. That makes things better. Text is bigger. I do not remember too much about a laptop because I was using a mouse for a long time before. Lots of changes to word. Must figure it all out again. See if this will help on the floor. I cannot type with two, sucks. Sitting on the floor with the laptop between my legs. Butt is still not big enough, it is skinny, so it is a little uncomfortable. Think I can get 500 words. A need a story. Think of one. I like that it capitalizes my words for me. I am eating a bologna sandwich. Yum. And a glass of milk. I am a slop eating with my teeth. It is only the top teeth. The bottom ones do not fit, they move while eating. We must get the denture fix stuff, it worked great on the top. But it costs and must wait a bit, that is ok. My top is ok, plus I eat a lot with no teeth. I have learned to gum stuff to death. Lol I hope I can transfer this to my blog wish word worked with it. Using one hand has its downfalls. And my nose runs so I have that obstacle. I might sit outside and read my friend’s e-book. Sounds like a plan.

I almost have the book done, reading that is. Been emotional the last two days, just the stupid stroke. Doctors said that would happen. But it is better than last summer, progress.

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My first reading novel, I think

I believe this was my first reading novel in grade school that got me hooked on reading bigger books. I ordered it and thought I would see. I remember it being a red bound with no cover in our school library. Long ago so I’m not sure. Then I started reading V.C.Andrews novels. My Sweet Audrina was the first. I have most of the paperbacks. I remember reading Sweet Valley High novels as well.

Oh the memories. I also like Phyllis A. Whitney.

I’m one to pick catchy covers so surprised I chose one without the cover. I mostly read hardcover but since my budget is small I choose more paperback now. Of course ebook 🙂

My to read pile recently.
My library currently. Most I bought years back when I belonged to subscriptions.
Funny thing I have Danielle Steele books and haven’t read one yet, lol

I bought for future old age. lol

My college books. I kept most.

We might be going back to our old house this weekend and I will bring back all my books there.

Many harliquin novels, classic editions, etc Once I counted over 700 books. Miss my shelves there.

Oberlin house, my first house I bought for 5,000. Then met hubby and construction began but we didn’t have much money, and living in it. Originally a two bedroom, 1 small bath, 1 small kitchen, and living room for 6 of us. Cozy. 🙂 Now bigger kitchen, upstairs loft (bedroom) unfinished room, 3 bedrooms, laundry, living room, and unfinished 2nd bath, 1 small bonus room. Hence we call it the Puzzle house. I have a tab for it if you want to look.

Messy house still but less stuff. No current picts.

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Would you ever want a treehouse or a dollhouse?

I would love a treehouse. I like watching the tv show where a guy designs big ones. I don’t need a big one unless we decide to live full time in one now that the kids are full grown. I would like that. In a forest where there are lots of big trees and away from a city. I would like one that has several rooms to walk to and not just one room. One to have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, family room, and extra rooms for the kids to stay in. Just big enough for the activity not enormous. I think rooms have gotten too big, waste of space. Slides and swings would be good for us and the grandkids. Lots of activity to keep us moving.

The treehouse I would like.
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Moving stuff around

One thing hasn’t stopped, moving stuff around. I get my son to help if I can’t. lol I hate that we had to put so much in our room because I can’t go downstairs yet. Hubby afraid I will fall. I do go upstairs cause the son is up there. I wish we could buy a house that isn’t so many floors. One floor with a basement would be good now that the kids are out except the one son to help me. With tornadoes a basement is a must.

I moved a desk out in the hallway, which made more room. 🙂

It has a lot of books on it and my e-readers.

I was always moving stuff before the stroke. In fact my craft room is a mess because I moved it out of the original room because of the memory of the stroke. Soon I will get down there and organize. I plan on throwing stuff away. So many projects to do. I think that is why I am so depressed because I can’t get down there to that. But I will. I do have high hopes. So not completely depressed.

There was the other desk along the wall before. Crowded.
I have a nook and a tablet that has a kindle on it. I still rather have a book.
my butt is so thin a soft pillow is what I sit on. lol
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Gas is going up, $3.79 gal unleaded. Can’t afford a electric car. Ugh. Bills going up. Sorry for those who don’t like Trump but we had good with him. A business man works. Biden is a senile old fart who should be retired and enjoying his grandkids. My two cents.

It doesn’t help that we are getting older and things going up. My stroke didn’t help.

We had snow this weekend, it’s already melting. We needed the moisture.

I tried reading a lot and couldn’t. I miss reading a lot. I’m trying though. I caught a cold and it really brought me down. I want to be normal. I started drinking my greens again, that’s helping.

I get the granddaughter for the weekend. I was suppose to get her for two weeks but had to have her find someone else. It wears me out too much and I hate it. This stroke is taking away so many things I love. It’s hard to be happy. I don’t even care about my arm working I just want to feel normal and to have energy again.

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My day usually :)

I try to stretch everyday, all limbs. Most days I do the treadmill for 10mins. .25 mile and 8-10mins. then I do the row step machine where I sit not stand 10 mins. and throughout the day I use my leg cycle for maybe 250-1000 steps each whatever I can handle. Somedays I have energy and other days I don’t. 🙂

I used my right hand to click to add all the pictures! A new for me.

The hand movements have come a long way. I’m happy. A ways to go. Putting my right hand on the treadmill has helped my movement, my grasp especially. Before the stroke I had to hold on, I couldn’t balance on my own. My hand use to not let go and it’s slowly releasing it. My hand doesn’t completely fan out yet, when doing the pushups with my knees up but I like doing them in the last month. Need muscle! Walking the stairs have gotten easier. And doing the laundry is better. It feels good to improve more. Makes the day go faster. Makes me happy.

And doing dishes is getting easier. I’ve been doing them since I was 5 years old, mean stepmom, 🙂 Never thought I would miss it. Makes my cuticles soft. I switched to plastic dishes, lots easier than stoneware. We have a dishwasher for when there is a lot to do. My energy isn’t there yet for lots of work. 🙂

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So happy

Took me awhile to figure out the video portion. Ignore the background noise. lol This is my movement of my stroke hand. Feels good to move it the strength isn’t there yet but i keep working on it. 🙂

I have a pair of jeans! The first pair since December 2020! I have missed wearing them. I like my sweats but i’m a jeans kinda girl!

I was able to write with my stroke hand! I hope to draw a bit this week or next. Tomorrow is my birthday and the 4th is when I came home from rehab last year. Big improvements and hopefully bigger ones by this summer!
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Hi to 2022 lol

I haven’t felt like writing just being a bum and exercising my arm and walking. I can’t wait for 70 degree weather. 🙂 Just to go to the pond and walk. Hubby and son brought the treadmill upstairs, at least I can walk there. I like my row/step machine also. I have much to keep me busy but I want all whole again so I can be me again. I was normally busy body so this hard to get use to just doing slow motion. A year down.

Yesterday i did break out the word search and read some.

I read a physical book with my right hand. I miss doing that. I like ebooks but a real book is so nice. 🙂

My daughter got me a cool bracelet for christmas. I tried to get a picture of it so one can see it’s all about me. She is knows me well. 🙂

I also got my laptop out with the help of hubby to get my fingers moving more, only 400 reps. lol Thats what it takes to get them moving more. lol

laptop is harder to use than I remember. I like my desktop right now for speed. 🙂

I can tell typing one handed is going to hard to break once the right hand moves more. lol Actually it will be the best thing ever!!!