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New Exercise and Therapy

I got a pulley arm thingy to make arm exercise. Hubby has to figure out where to put it until I can put it over the door to use it. I love it, it will be a longtime use, forever arm exercise.

I got a hand massager, feels so nice and I think it will get my hand moving better and maybe faster.

I got a cool candle lighter; I have missed lighting them this makes it easy and safe to light. Yay.

A neat reading watch haven’t quite figured out. Anything reading is cool. Also, earrings and an ornament. Books. Favorite thing.

I also got a pretty necklace, but I need to get a chain that will go over my head until I can fasten the clasps. I miss my necklaces and earrings. Someday.

Stroke go away be just a memory.

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Supper, Easy Dish I Can Make

Stew meat, I season it with a garlic, pepper, Himalayan salt, ginger, and fennel seeds. Yummy. We get our beef for the week. I can flip the meat ok, definitely not a left-handed person but at least I can cook it. Hubby is awesome at cutting the salad so I can eat it. One day I will be able to eat with my teeth. My mouth is getting better from the stroke, back to almost normal. We also had white rice, in the microwave and lathered with butter. 🙂 It’s the little things.

It’s my meal to fix with help from hubby. lol

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Rearranging The Book Library AGAIN

My bookshelves have been moved so many times. But I do believe this is the last time. I like it here and I’m going to add more shelves and make it be a library. The shelves don’t match but I will use what I have. It was too dark in the corner and little space. I have lots of Harlequin novels yet to move. The daughter helped with this. I’ll show when I have it done. Hopefully in a few weeks.

Hubby getting tired of constructing for me. Don’t blame him, lol.

I brought my TBR books downstairs in my big bag. Only have what I am reading in the bedroom. Cleaning and organizing. At least that part of me is coming back just have to have help. Hubby, daughter, and Jessup usually help, if I can talk them into it. 🙂 It’s also a workout for my right stroke arm and walking.

Also, will have this room as exercising. There is already an arm and leg machine. I use it some. Once I get fully back to mostly normal move the treadmill will be back down there and my elliptical machine. I’m the only one that really uses the basement anymore. My two cats are down there, making some fun climbing stuff for them. 🙂

What I had in my hometown house, puzzle house as I like to call it.

We are going to remove them and recycle them somewhere for something. He did a great job on them, good wood.

A little clearer. Jessup is now 21! Boy time flies.

This was my holder of books, got hubby and Jessup to take it off the wall and bring it to the ‘library’ to be used. I don’t know how yet. I do have more books to put back on it. Thinking?

I have all my college books on here, old desk. Thinking of getting rid of it. It was hubby’s when we met so lots of use. Thinking?

Can’t wait to get it out of our room, means I’m all better. 🙂 But I will keep using it.

I can’t wait to get it out of the living room, though hubby might argue about this one. lol

Our making of the basement. We take a while, mostly money and time. 🙂

The cubby hole, old office, the making of it. Those are the daughter’s cats when she lived here. My old lounge chair, miss it, cats peed on it. Sad face. Can see my shelves have been every part of this basement. lol

interior of room with bookshelves
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This would be cool to have. ? All shelves. Can dream.

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Day of Organizing

It’s a start. Someday we are going to buy a whole closet organizer, probably from Menards. Right now, these were cheap and easy for me to do. Will need more. 😉

Got rid of one bag, stuff I like but never wear. Yes, I finally got rid of. One thing the stroke has taught me, downsize. I would feel terrible about leaving a mess for hubby and the kids.
I also emptied totes and old albums falling apart into easy to find photo holders. I have a lot of pictures never put into albums. Glad for digital. Less clutter. Color is good. I have clear ones too.

I’m glad I can move enough to finally organize. Still tiring and difficult but a start. Keeps me busy and practice for using the right stroke hand.

Not as full but have more pictures in the basement to bring up and put in this.

Almost full. 🙂 Feels good to get organized. A load off my mind. I think the stroke also helped me to not procrastinate, tired but hopefully in time that will change also. I feel in my 80s right now, I aim to get to my young 50s. 🙂