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Terrified Freedom

A good opinion!

The Witchy Warrior Blog

If you run the numbers according to data (at face value and not calculating any other factors like my age, health conditions, immune system efficiency, geographic location, etc)

My risk of dying from COVID19 is almost equal to my risk of dying from the Vaccine.

I’ve worn a mask, followed the rules mostly, been exposed/quarantine 12x, have asthma, practice good hygiene, traveled state lines, flown in planes, been in many public places frequently, was an essential worker the entire pandemic, spent days in the field with people from different states, shared chips with a COVID positive person (unknowingly at the time), been in and out of hospitals many times… and not once have I had COVID or anyone in my immediate family that I visit frequently for that matter.

Tell me again why I have no choice which risk I’d rather live with?
Oh, right.. because it’s not about me?

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Great news, my kidney ultrasound says I have two small cysts, but NO KIDNEY DISEASE! Drink water. I have few gallstones but no gallstone disease! Yay! One doctor said I had kidney disease 3 and the other 5! drink water! Glad that wasn’t true. But they were guessing off labs.

I do drink but have to admit my stroke mouth makes it a little difficult. Not to mention peeing and having to use one hand makes it difficult. But I will do it. Need to eat more veggies somehow. I’m getting better at that without teeth. Hopefully another a month or two can use my dentures. I slobber a lot so it makes it hard to use.

My hand can hold stuff to open things but wish it was better. My legs are doing pretty good at getting around. It’s been hot so no pond walking. Have to keep up. Must keep up. I do go shopping more when hubby asks, even though it’s tiring. I have walked around the pond three times without the cane, a mile. 🙂

I’ve found some Ytube videos ‘yoga for stroke victims’, I need to do them more.

Still trying to figure out my blood pressure. Too many doctors putting their input. I got a calming tea and lowered the pressure. Makes me wonder if anxiety through all this has something to do with it. Talk to my doctor about it Wednesday.

I wish my body would let me exercise faster. I know in due time.

But some happy news for the month and my first son and family will be here next week! Yay! Last time I was in the hospital.

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Heated Surprise

Lights, Camera, Action

Every winter I remember this little thing about cats and cars. You’re suppose to check under your car and on the tires for cats. Give a little honk even, to scare them off before you drive. I’ve never seen a cat seeking warmth in my car, but I still practice this methodically as the weather turns cold. Today, I add another “check before you go” item to this list.

I just finished coloring my hair & my hair extensions. I used a big pot to color my extensions so I had that nearby on the counter. After washing out all the dye and hanging my extensions to dry, I went to get my blow dryer from another room. I carried it across the house into the bathroom, unraveled the cord, and plugged it in.

Well, when I started the blow dryer, something fell on my chest. Thinking it was some…

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oh boy

today i had to turn to gums swelled to balloons. they didnt hurt. i guess they were allergic to the implant posts. that sucks. he had to cut the the gums and take out the posts. i have slept against crazy. i wont dont the again.sure glad i dont have a mouth full. he says he can try againor reimburse. i say hell no.

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Donations appreciated. I had a stroke.


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Christmas DIY Ornaments – The Start of New Traditions

The daughter is so creative! Love it!

Lights, Camera, Action

This is technically my Daughter’s second Christmas, but it’s the first that she can actually be involved of her own accord on some things. Normally, we spend Thanksgiving at my Mother’s home and this year was no different. After turkey dinner, we usually set up the Christmas tree. Well, at least within the next couple days. My daughter was such a big help! She loves helping. “Help” has become one of her favorite words, in fact. Grandma would put the branches on the tree and ZeQara, my daughter, would hand her another.

Watching the whole interaction made me realize how much I want to create traditions with my daughter like I’ve had with my family over the years. I remembered recently watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries where they made a popcorn garland every year for their town tree. What a perfect tradition for us! Not the popcorn garland…

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DIY Halloween Costumes – Quick, Easy, & Toddler-Mom Approved

So much creativity!

Lights, Camera, Action

The Voodoo Priestess

Key Ingredient – lots of dark eye shadows & liquid eyeliner!

The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

Use any Fall color! Yellow, orange, red, or a shade of brown!

The Colored Clown

I chose Pink but you could EASILY do ANY color you want. I might do a Blue Clown next year.

Red Riding Hood the Werewolf

I did 2 versions – 1st is a half & half makeup to show Red Riding Hood & her other persona, the Werewolf. 2nd was the full blown Wolf coming to live, complete with claw slashes and fake blood!

Skeleton Head 💀

A simple and effective costume idea. So many different versions of Skulls & Skeletons out there!

Next year I’m thinking of doing a different theme each week (3-5 looks for each) . The Nightmare Before Christmas will be the first week! I have an Ooogie Boogie Idea I can’t wait to…

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Opening 11-5-2020 in Theaters: Let Him Go

I want to see this one. 🙂

Movies, Movies, Movies

Theaters: 11/5/2020

Wednesday,week #45 of 2020(11/5 – 11/8/2020)

The week following Halloween greets us with another new movie from Focus Features. They seem to be one of few studios taking advantage of all this cinematic spotlight. Hopefully soon others will join instead of going exclusively to streaming.

Let Him Go

Don’t test the depths of a grandparent’s love for a grandchild. That seems to be the major conflict in this film starring two experienced, respected actors.

I’m ready to see what Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are up to in this film.

Anticipation: 6/10

Are you looking forward to seeing? Wherever you are watching movies, happy watching to you!

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Riding Through the Jumanji Year — Lights, Camera, Action

The Year 2020, or The Jumanji Year, as I like to refer to it, has been full of unrelenting surprises & difficult conflictions. The Jumanji Year is the year of ridiculous twists & turns of suspense & unbelievable life situations. I think you all understand what I’m trying to say about 2020. Now I know […]

Riding Through the Jumanji Year — Lights, Camera, Action