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The Year of Ultimate Growth

My daughter’s blog.

Lights, Camera, Action

As you may know if you follow my blog, September 7th, 2017, marker 365 days or 1 year since I did the big chop in an effort to get back to my natural, healthy hair. Well I’m hear to update and start a new magical hair progress journey.

Today is Day 409:

on Friday the 13th, day 401, I decided I’d waited long enuff! NO I DIDNT COLOR MY HAIR, but I did get a perm. P.s. I’m soooo in love wit it!

The bottom layers didn’t quite take to the perm as the top did (which I’m a tiny bit sad about) but overall it turned out wonderful. There is still a tiny bit of color treated/bleached hair on the ends of my very top layer, which definitely did get very dry after the perm. I’ll trim them out eventually but for now it’s a nice reminder of how…

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My Healthy Hair Journey

My daughter! 🙂 What a character! Love her! 🙂

Lights, Camera, Action

The day is sometime in June of 2016, the mood is somewhat depressed. I had seen at least 4 guys with longer, healthier, & prettier hair than my own. I missed the look and feel of long, soft, manageable hair I could achieve with sew-ins, but I missed the hundreds of dollars I spent on them even more! Something had to give. I began debating a fresh start with my hair.

A close friend of mine at the time mentioned to me her sister shaved her head and the new hair that grew back was healthy and unlike anything they could remember before. We found ourselves conversing over this same topic many times over the next few weeks. I would joke, “I’m just gonna shave my head & wear wigs for a while.” Growing up my family would always joke my hair would eventually fall out from dying it so…

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Gorging on Waterfalls

I love waterfalls!

Rich and Alice Go Globetrotting

I mentioned yesterday that the Finger Lakes were formed during the last ice age and are thus quite young: a few tens of thousands of years. But they have company, in the form of a number of spectacular narrow gorges. The best known of these is Watkins Glen at the foot of Seneca Lake. It’s an insanely photogenic canyon, 400 ft (120 m) deep and about a mile and a half (2.5 km) long. If you walk the whole length — we did about half — you’ll go up and down something like 890 steps, and you’l see 19 waterfalls.

The geology of the gorges is interesting. They are sedimentary rock, a mix of shale, limestone, and sandstone. These differ a great deal in their hardness and thus their rates of erosion, resulting in a number of natural staircase-like rock formations.

That’s today’s geology lesson, so here are some photos…

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How’s Your Year?

valentine-4(created by Me! 🙂 Forget the year)

It hasn’t been terrible but hasn’t been good either. Mostly, little things that are stressful. Kids not minding, money issues, things breaking, etc. You get the drift. I guess if fate gets all these out-of-the-way these first few months and then smooth sailing the rest of the year than that will be great. 🙂 Time will tell.

We sure have not had much winter time. I hope that doesn’t mean it will be a late winter when spring is supposed to hit. We have had cool temperatures just not the white stuff. 🙂 Glad for hardly any below zero temps. I think we had one week of that and that was enough. 🙂

Thanks to my stress level I haven’t achieved much of what I set out to do this year. But it is early. I hate being unproductive, gets me in a mood of depression. Not severe just down.

One good thing, I started back at the YMCA. A few times the boys have went with me which is fun. 🙂 They like lifting weights.

Fitness_tnb(credit to images)

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow. It is my favorite holiday. I love hearts and all things about it. No, you don’t have to have a certain someone to enjoy the holiday. 🙂 I still loved it when I was single. Hubby will be on the road so he gave me three roses this weekend and we grilled with the boys. 🙂 I think we have had more Valentine’s away than together during our whole time together. At least with technology one can still feel like they are there. I will send him a snapchat tomorrow. 🙂 I do miss a tiny bit making Valentine’s for my kids’ classrooms. We made ours most of the time, except when we procrastinated and had to buy them. LOL  🙂

valentines-2012(Here is one I made when the boys’ had to make them. I did it in Illustrator. 🙂 )

Have a great day tomorrow! And the rest of the week, year etc! 🙂

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Here We Go Again.. Or I Could say Lose Again

Lights, Camera, Action

To be honest, I’m not sure where or when I began to make my way back to the unhealthy train; it could have been somewhere around the time we lost our baby girl Naya between 15 & 17 weeks, when I didn’t get to graduate last spring, or it could have been over the summer as financial struggles set in. All I know is that over the past 6-9 months I have steadily creeped my “weigh” back up the scale and onto the Naughty list for the Army, known as the Height & Weight Program.

Last time I was here, documenting my progress and more importantly, my journey, helped me reach my goals quickly and I received some positive feedback from others, that I was a bit of motivation for them; with that in mind, I’m going to document the journey again and hopefully do it more consistently too.


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Run, Turkey, Run!

Lights, Camera, Action

There’s nothing quite like waking up about 10 a.m. to the smell of succulent turkey, the haze of soft light reflecting through an ice covered window, and the sound of Grandpa telling someone we have 2 inches of snow on the ground already. This is Thanksgiving in Nebraska.

Luckily my grandpa has a couple exercise machines in his basement. This morning I started my day by replying to “Happy Thanksgiving” texts, giving my fingers a work out of their own, and then ran for 15 minutes. I finished just over a mile by the time I was done. I hopped in the shower, made some eggs, and sat down to blog.The Macy’s Day parade and Purina Dog Show are on; however, just because it’s the holiday doesn’t mean you can’t stay motivated and focused.

As I run, I image a turkey, running away from thanksgiving dinner. He has ruffled feathers…

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