The Paint PINK

Projects Valentine 2013 001

The two together on the wall.

Projects Valentine 2013 004

My “Love Tree”. I have always enjoyed painting trees. I have no idea why. I wonder if I was a tree in my previous life or something.

Projects Valentine 2013 002

My hearts. I love to do art for each of the holidays. This is the first I have done for this holiday. I love Valentines Day. I love the kindness and the pretty colors. My hubby said when he saw that I had splashed some color on the canvas finally, oh you put pink on it. I just grinned. He doesn’t like pink too well. 🙂

Blank Canvas


The blank canvas. I have stared at this on my wall for around two weeks, thinking of what I could create. My hubby said if I didn’t get to creating them, he was going to draw something on them. What a funny man. I have to admit he can draw better than I can.

Budding Artist






My two sons that are in fourth and fifth grade created these art projects. I was delighted to see how much they have improved since last year. It could be that they have a more involved art teacher this year, rather than someone who just gave them colored pencils and a sheet that already had a shape. It goes to show what can transpire when a teacher chooses to teach a young person about the different media’s and drawing objects instead of coloring in objects.

I am having my husband make some frames for them. I think decorating with my family’s artwork gives them a boost to their self esteem and it is better than keeping them in a box collecting dust. I have to admit I am one of those that can’t seem to throw out any of their stuff. I am also going to use some of their artwork for scrapbooking pages so I can recycle them. I guess you could say I am sort of a hoarder of kids artwork. 🙂 Luckily, they do not make that many art pieces or we would have to buy a bigger house.

Roses are Red

2bcreative-roses-oil-paintingI am beginning to relearn all my Adobe software, it will take me all year. LOL. I am up for the challenge. I must have a break from cleaning house you know. 🙂

I took a picture of the beautiful roses my hubby gave me for Valentines Day last year,  I uploaded it, and cropped out some of the background. The video I watched today showed some neat filters that I had not dabbled with yet. I really like this one, it is the oil painting filter. I look like I actually painted it. I have yet to try my hand at actual oil painting, I keep putting that off. I would rather stick to acrylic and watercolors.

I added my business name to it so I could have a profile picture for my facebook page. I think it turned out ok. I have a lot to learn though.

Cheers to 2013

I am always happy to see a new year here, mostly because it holds promise for the coming year and one can say good bye to the last one. We all have our ups and downs but I can not say that 2012 was a bad year for me. My hubby and daughter were overseas for half the year but they came home and that is what matters. My hubby and I and the two younger boys relocated for the army and that so far has been an adventure. I think change is really nice at times. We still have our home in my hometown which makes it a little easier that we can go home if we want to. I think we all have had a fun time making new memories in our home away from home. The oldest has created a life for herself that is doing good for her age and I could not be more proud. We have had our quarrels but it seems since she has returned from overseas, she is army as well, that we have all put it behind us because we know time is too short together to be fighting, and we have had a pretty good last six months. The oldest son finished his first semester of college life and while he seems to have been a bit lonely, I think he also had some learning experiences. I see a much better semester ahead for him and if not, then we will take the next step to figure it out with him.

I did lose my dad this last summer to cancer. I do miss him but I know and hope he has a better life in the beyond wherever that may be. I have good memories to out way the bad. We were not always close but he will always be my dad. I regret the fact that I had not seen him since 2009 so losing him was really hard knowing that I had not made the effort to see him. So in that learning lesson, I will make sure to see my immediate family as much as possible if not in person, by phone, by computer, by mail…..etc.

As March approaches, it will be a year that I have not worked, by choice, and while it has been a real different thing for me, I have enjoyed it. I wish at times I could have done this when all four kids were little but then I would not be who I am if I had. I love to work so eventually I will go back out there in the crazy work force. I am taking this opportunity to make a go of my writing and art. It would be wonderful to have a successful career at that. I have been doing research and learning new things as much as I can. I have now developed a schedule for myself and my resolution is to stick to it! 🙂 I love that this world of the internet opens so many possibilities, now to just grab a hold and enjoy the ride! Happy New Year everyone!


I was going through some blogs on the internet, imagine that, and discovered a lovely sight called It is a place where you can log in everyday and just randomly write 750 words and receive points and badges. It is a way to get yourself to come up with fresh ideas or just to blow off steam and no one reads it but you. Nifty. I can now yell at my computer when I am mad at my hubby or kids. Cool!

I wasted no time writing away and believe it or not reached the 750 in no time. If writing my novel were just that easy, I would have several novels. The next day the sight analyzes your mood, your thinking, and so forth. It will have a link that you can share on Twitter or Facebook. I think I will like this and I think I will get some awesome brainstorming done. Hey whatever gets me motivated. I would like to think wine would do that, but it hasn’t, just another reason to have a nice glass of wine. 🙂

I can not wait until tomorrow to see how it analyzes my thoughts, scary. 🙂

Gobble, gobble was yummy!

My Thanksgiving Day was really nice. My daughter had the big dinner and all four kids were together. I know that may not happen each year on the day it is suppose to but we will get together on some day in November. One must keep the family going strong and being together cause life goes way to fast to not spend a little time with each other. She even invited over three other soldiers that could not make it home which made it even more fun. Her boyfriend had his two nephews and they kept hubby and I rather busy. It was fun. I think I better get into better shape before my kids start having grandbabies because I was tired. LOL, but we enjoyed it.

We can not get enough turkey so we made a small one for us on Saturday with the two younger boys. Yum. Hubby did not get to make one last year because of being overseas so he was determined that he was making one. We feasted all weekend on turkey. I suppose we will make one more come Christmas time. Funny that the stores have them all year but we never think to make one except during the holiday time. We have had eight pumpkin pies in the last week, now that we make them from the can and not from the freezer, we are going crazy making them.

We did get our Christmas tree up this weekend. So far the cats have not destroyed it. We have the water bottle handy and ready to aim! They do not like that! LOL…

I did a little bit of shopping but I am one of those down to the last minute shoppers. I try to get organized but it just doesn’t work. I am a bit ahead of the game this year. I did some online Thanksgiving morning and snagged a couple gifts. I did go with the daughter and oldest son to Thanksgiving shopping that evening, but I didn’t buy anything. It was fun just to watch the other crazies and to help the daughter man the cart. It was our first time shopping, usually we are working. It was interesting. Gonna have to try it again.


Halfway through NaNo Land and not even close.

It is definitely proving to be a difficult task for me to write this novel in thirty days. It is not because of time, but because of what the heck do I write next in the story line.

I know I am not suppose to worry about the editing but I just can’t seem to stop that.

I really want the novel to be a hit, and I think that takes in my non writing experience, way longer than thirty days.

There are so many reasons that are adding up to not finish. The big one being next week when it is Thanksgiving, time with family and friends. I knew it was coming but just couldn’t get the words down to make up for not writing next week.

I am not giving up til the last minute but it is so not looking good. I can say this, the task has gave me the get up and go that I needed, so it has accomplished something.

I so want that finished certificate.

I am breaking out the Seagrams, maybe words will flow.

Second day bomb!

I thought maybe the day was going to be great. It turned real quick to the downside, so needless to say no writing, as of yet.

Why does the youngest kid of the family have to be the most stubborn? My young one decided last night to not do his homework, so he got his TV taken away, and he continued with being stubborn. I had hoped he would get up this morning and want to do the homework, no such luck, and in fact, he refused to go to school! Even when hubby got involved.

So he got not only his computer taken away, he got his birthday party taken away today and was bored all day long. If you can’t do what you are told then the fun stuff has to be taken away. Really sucks though that it is his birthday. We told him he had to earn it all back and he still really isn’t getting it.

What did turning 10 all of a sudden make him into the devil’s child? Wow, I can now tell my oldest, 21 year old daughter that she has been surpassed by her baby brother with stubbornness. I just hope he doesn’t surpass her on teenage year crimes.

I still have only 300 words wrote for my NaNo novel. Grumble.