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No Write May

The title says it all! I completely failed to blog or write all month so I have to write this one today. 🙂 LOL

Every month I print out my Google calendar and it has stuff to do all month. Or rather stuff I would like to accomplish all month. 🙂 I still love paper and pen and markers. 🙂 It also goes to my phone of course, Google, you know. 🙂 Well, there is not a lot of marking on it. 😦

Maybe I can justify it with being outside more. Maybe. I did plant flowers but half are already dead. No green thumb here! I do have a neat deck to sit on and have done that more. We are working on our fire pit area which have not used. Dang it. Add that to the list, need to make smores!

I see by my yellow highlights that I only cooked at home half the month. That is not good. In defense on that, we did travel a bit so the weekends we were eating out more. The school week was ok, normally eat out once. 🙂 I can come up with so many excuses! 🙂

I did win my step challenge this month and ahead of schedule! I was exercising! The scale doesn’t say it but I feel good. 🙂

My car decided to break, minor break, but still cost money. It is still a good car. I won’t bash it yet. 🙂

I did make the six-year mark for blogging this month! Yay me! 🙂 Like, every month, I pledge to blog more! Hope everyone has a great month of June! It has already hit high 90’s here, ugh. I think Spring is no longer a season for here. Double ugh.

Cheers to your June! 🙂

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My mind has been a jumble of nothings. I have wanted to write a blog for the last month at least. Many things I could have written about but seemed on the boring side. I need to set up a voice recorder in my car, thoughts always happen the best there.

Go figure. 

Then I think surfing the net will help spark a thought or two and all it does is sidetrack me.  🙂  I am going to try hard to not surf as much until I write something whether it is a blog post or on paper from now on.

Goal #1. (It is not even the new year! LOL )

I just realized the year my youngest graduates High School, in 3 years,  I will be 50 years young! Wow!

Where the heck has the time gone?

What have I accomplished?

I have enjoyed my life. Some bumps and some boring parts but for the most part it has been good. It definitely hasn’t went like I thought it would. But I would not have liked it if it had because that means I would not be spontaneous. Right? Who wants to know their future? Not me.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was good for a day.

The rest of the weekend was rather….not what I wanted. I guess 16 years of marriage can cause a few hiccups. Nothing terrible, the other half chose to do his own thing for a couple of days away from us. He is already gone during the week, so it surprised me. He always spends his time off with us. This was a first.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he was home all week. I could totally understand getting away once in a while. Usually, if I can’t go, then he stays.

It confused me to say the least.

As I ponder about it, it really wasn’t a bad thing.  I hope it doesn’t mean more of it will happen, then we might have a problem which will result in a swift kick in his butt! 🙂

Do you always spend time with your other half? (other than when they have work)

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Welcome New Year 2016


Howdy everyone!

I hope the holidays were good and filled with lots of memories. It was wonderful here. I did get a cold but I nursed it with lots of orange juice and chicken noodle soup. 🙂 My grandma always treated a cold that way. Thank goodness it lasted only a week.

We had a house full. The daughter was able to spend a little over a week with us. She also brought her two cats along. It was fun watching our three cats mingle with them. Of course, the cats favorite person was my hubby. He has that way with animals. He gives them lots of attention.

The oldest son made it for a week on leave from his Navy training. His oldest friend from high school joined in the fun and stayed as well. It seemed like old times. 🙂

I did not get any baking done for the holidays though. Bummer. I think I missed that last year too. Hopefully, this year will be different. Though the boys did say they would give up gifts if we could go somewhere for Christmas. Cool. Though that will be more expensive than the gifts. We don’t give expensive gifts normally.

Normally we give a few things that they want, money, and some fun childhood gifts like foam dart guns. LOL. We like to bond and laugh more than give expensive stuff. Plus, it takes the pressure off of spending more than the budget can handle. 🙂

We leave those expensive gifts for during the year so the kids can learn to help save up and pay for them. I know all their friends got these cool gifts but I’d rather them work towards them than be handed them. Plus, we have had Christmas’ where we could barely afford a fifty dollar gift let alone the high dollar ones. I don’t want them to be disappointed from Christmas to Christmas. I’d rather set the tone for a low key Christmas than bounce from high dollar to low dollar. I’ve tried shopping early, it don’t work. I’ve tried saving up, it don’t work. LOL This way works for us. I’m glad other families can do what they want to do, so I don’t look down on those that spend a lot. This is just what works for us. 🙂

Most Christmas’ hubby and I do not exchange gifts especially when the budget is tight. We usually get something we want a few months later. 🙂 Hubby spoiled me. I must say it is also a gift for him. He bought me a new used car with low miles. Our other one was starting to have issues beyond what he wanted to repair. He was worried about me breaking down with him on the road a lot. And with all the dings and dents in the old car the value was declining for a trade in. I will just need to do some creative cutting back on the food. No problem! Two growing teenage boys. LOL

He also got me a lounge chair for my Creative Cave! Best gift ever!  He now has a place to sit when he bothers me. LOL  It worked nicely for a bed for the daughter while she was here too. 🙂

I really love how it turns to a lounge chair. Reading chair! 🙂

He also got me a pretty glass item for my curio cabinet. I didn’t take a picture. Too many stairs to run up. 🙂

I promised him his big TV as soon as we can. 🙂

I hated seeing everyone leave but we must all get back to normal routines. 🙂

I will say I’m ready for Spring now. 🙂 I got my first bulb and flower magazine in the mail the other day. Ready! Where is Spring?

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Journal Oct 3-9

Oct 3rd

Question? What was the last bad movie you watched?


Luckily, I have not watched a bad one. I haven’t watched too many this year with the hubby being deployed.


It was some Earth movie. I forget the title even. Poor story line and acting. I couldn’t even watch 15 mins. of it. We rarely not watch all the way through.
Anniversary Flowers 2013 005 My beautiful anniversary flowers from hubby this year. 🙂

Oct 4th

Question? In three words, describe your love life.


Happy. Love him. No time for one on one anymore though.


Friend. Love. Happy.

Oct 5th

Question? What question makes you anxious?


Will my kids succeed?


Will I accomplish what I want before I’m too old to.

Oct 6th

Question? Do you have any new friends?


No one close but casual. Deb and Heather.


A couple new ones. Beth and Jennifer.

Oct. 7th

Question? Are you happy with your choices today?


Yes. I can’t sulk about it. What’s done is done. Learn.


I should have got up and made breakfast. It would get me moving. So not really happy with it today.

Oct 8th

Question? What is your biggest dream?


To be a famous writer. I would like people to admire me and family proud of me.


I want to live a happy and healthy life. I want a family that is close and spends time together.

Oct 9th

Question? You want a new _____


Car. 🙂


House. I already have an old one. It would be nice to have one without problems and stress.

460852_10150912197852483_1370307956_o My very old house. 🙂

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It was a Monday…

car pushing (photo credit to

I decided to head back home from my daughter’s on Monday and ended up with a broken car on the interstate. I can be thankful I was able to coast to the side and for cellphones for calling my hubby. I must be listening to hubby when he talks to people about cars because I was able to figure out it is my fuel pump. He has done a couple tests and so far it is pointing to that. He has another one to do to make sure it isn’t something else. My luck, it will be a bigger problem. The car has been a good one, but it has had electrical issues. I hope it is nothing bigger. He did try the fuse and no such luck for an easy fix, they were fine. Sigh. I am thankful also for having the son living here because now we can share his car.

It did create a few funny odd happenings though.

Hubby came to pick me up, we grabbed everything out of the car just in case something would happen to the car before we got back the next morning to pick it up. It happened after hours and nothing was open to rent a car pulling thingy. We missed grabbing my bag that had my comb in it and my toothbrush.

The bag was grey and it was dark, in disguise.

I had no way of combing my hair after showering that night. All the males in the family have no hair or really short hair so they don’t comb their hair. My son Jessup was really sweet trying to comb my hair with his fingers. I take it he missed me being gone. 🙂 I must say, I had really fluffy hair not being able to comb it. LOL. I did go to the store the next morning and of course forgot buying a comb. It was even on my list. Shaking my head.

Luckily, my daughter has an OCD issue with toothbrushes, she had bought several and left here, so I was able to have a new toothbrush after showering. I needed a new one anyway. Now, I must replenish her stash.

While I was showering, I was in deep thought about my car, I put body wash on my hair. I kept thinking why isn’t this lathering up? I turned around and realized I had grabbed my body wash. Duh. Maybe that is why my hair was fluffy. We could be on to something there. 🙂

The next morning we were able to rent a U-Haul car dolly pully thingy. We went to pick up the car which was about 30 minutes from us. Yeah, I was that close to being home.

It rained all morning.

Luckily, it stopped long enough for us to push the car up onto the dolly. I got to do the steering. It was a bit of fun, though I kept thinking I would not hit the brake in time and go flying into my hubby’s pickup. Of course, it has those big tire dips so that wasn’t going to happen. You know, a writer dreams up the worse and funny scenes possible.

We were able to get it back to our duplex. The next fun task was to get it into the garage. We have a pretty steep drive way. Hubby pulled up into a vacant driveway a few duplexes North of us. At first, I was helping the oldest son to try to rock it off the dolly but I am a weakling and couldn’t get it. Once again, I am put into the steering task. I could just picture myself flying backwards off it and crashing into an oncoming car.

I did good.

I braked again when I was supposed to, then hubby switched and became the steering person. The oldest son got him pushed out into the street and they were able to turn the car to head down the little hill to our drive.

It was a funny sight to watch.

Son pushing while hubby trying to turn into the drive and up the drive. They almost made it, but not enough He-Man. Poor son got his workout.

They did get it in the garage after some major pushing. Unfortunately, the son ended up dizzy afterwards because of his last month’s head injury. He is ok just over did it. I know this weakling wouldn’t have been able to push it. I better get myself back to the YMCA. 🙂

All ends well. I am glad it wasn’t a worse situation. I am hoping for a quick and easy fix. 🙂