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A Gem Of A Company

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I have been looking into a lot of companies and articles on marketing. Trying to learn as much as I can so I will know how to market my books and my artistic projects in the future.

One company that I have stumbled across is Triangle Direct Media. They specialize in search engine rankings among many other marketing strategies. I understand the higher you can place your website in the search engines the more likely people will click on it and in return possibly buy your products. Equals $$$$$$.

The process baffles me. I’m sure it baffles many people so that is why we need companies like Triangle Direct Media to help us out. They will be first on my list when I get my products figured out to sell.  I love their website! 🙂

I must say marketing intrigues me and no harm in learning the basics to help understand how big companies get to where they are. I took a class in college and enjoyed it. I love reading articles and blogs that have information on marketing. I did a Google+ post the end of June on Triangle Direct Media’s blog. It is filled with great information.

Here is the link to check out their blog!

Triangle Direct Media Blog

Great marketing = sales!  🙂

Have a great day! Stay cool out there! We have been in the 100s all week. Ugh.

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Data Zone #2

My next data job was for a temporary service. They placed you with companies that needed temporary help for a short amount of time. It could be a month to a few months. My first placement was with an insurance company inputting annuity accounts in their computer system.

Another awesome job!

There were four of us temps in one little room. We were allowed to talk freely while we worked. Lots of great conversations and new friendships formed. 🙂

The company was in a tall office building. I forget how many floors, but there was a lot. Elevator was my friend. 🙂 The expensive part was parking in the parking garage nearby. I eventually began parking on the side streets several blocks away and walking to the building.

Poor working woman and single mom of one.

It was good to walk off all the yummy lunches with my new co-workers. There was a nice lunch court across the street from the insurance building that we would eat at together.

The best lunches were the Friday company lunches! They would have a local food place cater in. I remember sandwiches and bbq meals. The job lasted only a month but what a glorious month.

I applied for a job there but didn’t get it. I knew it was a long shot, no long-term experience. I wanted those free Friday lunches! Best company benefit ever! 🙂

What was the best perk of a job you have had?

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Back To The Writing Board

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I was accepted to write articles for this company but after one article they said I was not up to their standards. Um, I made it through the application.


I knew at first my articles would probably not be bought but I thought I would get to learn and practice writing. I had faith I would eventually sell some. I can not believe a company would drop you after one rejection.

Especially, when it is nothing out of their pocket because they are a hosting site for all the companies looking for articles. The companies pay them to be in touch with the writers but does not mean they have to choose you. Heck, my article was rejected before it even had a chance to be seen by the company that requested the topic. Sigh.

I know this happens when you submit to the company directly, because of course, they are looking for a certain voice so if you don’t write like that, yes they reject.

I am shocked that the middle man would cut after one article. There were many different topics and companies to choose from on the list. Again it was my time but nothing out of their pocket. I would say after ten, then cut. Give some feedback too. Say what was wrong.

I guess the world isn’t ready for my kind of writing style. I tried to be stuffy and boring in the article but I couldn’t do it. I did stick to the guidelines.

Oh well. Sad face. I think I will go get a Pepsi. Drink my sorrows. 🙂


Back to the writing board.