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The thing I miss most is going out dancing. Of course moving here we don’t do that anymore. I miss that the most about my hometown. Many dances with friends and coworkers in my 30s when I met hubby. So much fun. He still breaks out into dance moves once in a while. I’ll get there. Of course drinking was involved but hubby didn’t do much of that. I was a slush, lol. He can swing dance to country music too. That was fun. My dad was good with that.

I was also on dance team in high school. I use to make up routines and went to summer camp every summer. The fun.

Took the daughter to a few dances while she was in high school. My designated driver. Small town so they let her in with me. She thought that was fun.

My years are filled with dancing.

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In the beginning of my relationship with my hubby, we loved to go to dances that were held at the local Legion. It was a lot of fun. Yes, some drunk nights when we were younger. 🙂 I really loved dancing to the music. I have always loved to dance.

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In high school I was on the dance team and choreographed several of the routines throughout the four years I was on it. In fact, the crowds loved my routines and one they asked us to repeat so we did. Made me feel good. 🙂 Enough memory lane. lol

Back to the dances, the DJ they hired most of the time had a system that was a computer, monitor and of course the large speakers. It sounded great but can you imagine the time it took to set up. What happens if the computer decides to be weird? There goes your songs. There goes your money source for awhile.

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Think back even further when the DJ had to haul around cassette tapes, records, and then CDs. Plus, the player that played them was usually bulky.

Now, there is a nifty little device called a cdj!  (Click the link to see this neat device)

The DJ can leave the computer and CDs at home! How cool! 🙂

If I DJ’ed, probably glad I don’t I would play 80s and 70s music over and over, I would invest in this nifty electronic!


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Journal Sept 19-25

Sept 19th

Question? What’s a new place you’ve recently been to?


Junction City. (Aug)


It’s been uneventful lately. No traveling in the last few months. In July, we went to S.Dakota by the N.Dakota border. First time there.

Sept 20th

Question? What’s your favorite television show?

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So many. NCIS!


I really have a long list but it is still NCIS by far. I love the characters. They are fun. I will miss Ziva though.

Sept 21st

Question? Where do you think your road is going?


In a good path. I am going to succeed!


It’s going slowly but that’s ok. I’m not rushing and messing up. I believe it is good.

Sept 22nd

Question? What shocking news have you recently learned?




I don’t have any shocking news. I believe that is good though.

Sept 23rd

Question? Write down a quote for today.


Be True to Yourself!


Reach For The Stars!

Sept 24th

Question? When was the last time you went dancing?

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Too long ago I have forgotten when it was!


I don’t know. I use to dance a lot. I do miss it. I was on my high school dance team. Always made me happy.

Sept 25th

Question? Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants?


I half plan and half fly.


There are certain things I plan and other things I do not. I don’t like to plan everything cause things happen and I don’t want to be disappointed.