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Traffic Whoas

My doodling of what happened today after dropping the middle son off at school.

I couldn’t believe this person did this in front of a semi. People don’t use common sense when driving. Luckily it worked out ok but what if that semi wasn’t paying attention. I know to give a car’s length away from a semi because they may have to stop fast. This was a short span of road to be speeding up to get around the semi. Originally the car was behind me. It is a school zone too. Wish a cop would have been around. I did see up the road the car hit two red lights. Karma. So all that speeding didn’t really help.

I wonder if the semi driver was peeing his pants. Lol. I held my breath when I saw it happen. I was shocked.

My vent for the day.

Have a good one. 😊

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Digital Fun


I began playing with my digital software again. This is in Illustrator. I wanted a new cover photo for my Facebook page and decided to play with the shape and distortion tool. I like that I can buy a monthly subscription to Adobe products now. It gives me all their products for that subscription whereas before I had to buy the high dollar software. Needless to say I had not upgraded in years. I was still using the old CS2 version from college. Yes, ancient. 🙂 I am looking forward to learning the many other Adobe products now that it comes with the subscription.

I am one of those types that have to have several projects going. I know I shouldn’t but oh well. I figure if I get deadlocked on one I can do the other project. This is all preparation for designing my book cover. Of course, I enjoy it as well.

My son asked me what I was doing.

I said doodling. 🙂