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Halfway through NaNo Land and not even close.

It is definitely proving to be a difficult task for me to write this novel in thirty days. It is not because of time, but because of what the heck do I write next in the story line.

I know I am not suppose to worry about the editing but I just can’t seem to stop that.

I really want the novel to be a hit, and I think that takes in my non writing experience, way longer than thirty days.

There are so many reasons that are adding up to not finish. The big one being next week when it is Thanksgiving, time with family and friends. I knew it was coming but just couldn’t get the words down to make up for not writing next week.

I am not giving up til the last minute but it is so not looking good. I can say this, the task has gave me the get up and go that I needed, so it has accomplished something.

I so want that finished certificate.

I am breaking out the Seagrams, maybe words will flow.