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My mind has been a jumble of nothings. I have wanted to write a blog for the last month at least. Many things I could have written about but seemed on the boring side. I need to set up a voice recorder in my car, thoughts always happen the best there.

Go figure. 

Then I think surfing the net will help spark a thought or two and all it does is sidetrack me.  🙂  I am going to try hard to not surf as much until I write something whether it is a blog post or on paper from now on.

Goal #1. (It is not even the new year! LOL )

I just realized the year my youngest graduates High School, in 3 years,  I will be 50 years young! Wow!

Where the heck has the time gone?

What have I accomplished?

I have enjoyed my life. Some bumps and some boring parts but for the most part it has been good. It definitely hasn’t went like I thought it would. But I would not have liked it if it had because that means I would not be spontaneous. Right? Who wants to know their future? Not me.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was good for a day.

The rest of the weekend was rather….not what I wanted. I guess 16 years of marriage can cause a few hiccups. Nothing terrible, the other half chose to do his own thing for a couple of days away from us. He is already gone during the week, so it surprised me. He always spends his time off with us. This was a first.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he was home all week. I could totally understand getting away once in a while. Usually, if I can’t go, then he stays.

It confused me to say the least.

As I ponder about it, it really wasn’t a bad thing.  I hope it doesn’t mean more of it will happen, then we might have a problem which will result in a swift kick in his butt! 🙂

Do you always spend time with your other half? (other than when they have work)

thCABPMG2U(credit to images)


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Journal Sept 6 – 12th

thCAWS0GABCredit to images.

Sept. 6th

Question? What was the last online video clip you watched?


On writing a novel by using plotting.


It was a YouTube video on writing. I am always watching short information videos by other authors. It helps to learn what works and what doesn’t.




Art Journaling videos. I’m getting ideas to do family albums with the journaling art.

Sept. 7th

Question? What’s the newest thing you’re wearing today?


I have nothing new. LOL


My grey shorts. They are comfy, stretchy and got them on clearance for $4.00! Yay for markdowns! 🙂




Nothing. I haven’t bought me clothes in a couple years. If it fits and looks good I wear it forever. 🙂

cat_059 Credit to images

Sept. 8th

Question? Who are you jealous of?


Those who have big families like Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc and that they still get together for weekends and holidays.


I’m actually letting go of jealous feelings. They interrupt your life and are not good.




I’m not. Jealousy causes problems. Best to not have it in your life. Let go.

Sept. 9th

Question? What comes to mind when you think of fear?


Dying before I’m 80.


Losing a close family member or friend. Always a sad thing to go through. It is happening more in our family as I get older. The part of growing old that sucks. ;(




My kids being unhappy and feeling alone. Kids drifting away from us. Kids not being a huge part of the family circle.

Sept. 10th

Question? This is utterly confounding ______


Money. It really does make the world go around.


Government. Always. Doesn’t matter what party. Needs to go back to basics and for the people. A smaller group.




People who are close minded. They see only their side and not anyone else’s. World is becoming scary.

Sept. 11th

Question? What advice would you give to a second-grader?


Be nice to others. Love your family. Play. Learn.


Don’t bully. Respect adults. Love your family. Learn. Play cause someday you will not get to play as much.




Do your work. Respect others. Play outside lots. Listen to your parents. Never bully, it hurts.

thCAQ7ISXQCredit to images.

Sept. 12th

Question? What are you chasing at this moment?


My dream to be a writer.


I am chasing my dream to publish my first novel.




To be a better person. To be a writer. Enjoy life. Be healthy.

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Now, Let Me Tell You What Really Happened…

Guaita Rocca 3 (Guaita Rocca, First Tower, of San Marino) Image credit to

I hope you enjoy my first short story. I wrote it from this picture and a writing prompt on one of my writing sites I follow. 🙂

At age 40, I was on my way to visit my first castle in Italy. All my life I have dreamed of being in an actual castle. In fact, I think in my previous life I lived during the medieval times. It feels like where I truly belong.

I did not want to come alone so I saved enough for my best bud, Simonne to tag along. She was not difficult to convince. She heard Italy and immediately said Italian men. I have to agree, seeing a few of them will be a bonus to the trip. We are single ladies.

My heart began beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out. The entrance to Guaita Rocca (First Tower) of San Marino was more spectacular in person than the travel brochure could possibly show.  Looking at Simonne, I do believe she thought the same. Wait, an Italian guide is walking towards us. A big grin spread across Simonne’s face.

“Hello there, my name is Celio and I will be your guide.”

“Hellooo.” Simonne said extending her hand to shake his. Any excuse to touch him I am sure.

I chuckled knowing what she is probably thinking. Love my outgoing, sex fanatic, and fun friend of the last twenty years. She brings the excitement to any adventure.

I think she caught Celio off guard. He was quiet but smiling. He gestured for us all to follow.

He led us through to a courtyard that had several stone pathways. One led up to the main tower while the others led to other parts. The grass was a gorgeous green. I wanted to take my shoes off and walk through it barefoot. Love the feel of plush grass under my toes. The flower beds were full of red, white, and pink colored flowers. Absolutely stunning. I could hang out here forever.

I looked to my right and caught a tall dark haired man staring at me. At least I think it’s me he is staring at. I slowly turned to look behind me. Nobody else there. I turned back to him. He was grinning. Great, he saw me do that. Embarrassing.

He began descending the stairs. He is heading this way I think. What do I say?

He reached the edge of the grass, reached down to untie his shoes, pulled them off, and stepped onto the grass. How could he have known that was what I was thinking about? I closed my eyes for a few seconds, then opened them. He was still there. I was frozen in my spot by the grass. The rest of the tour group was already up at the tower. Simonne was too busy flirting to realize I was not with the group.

It was only me and him standing in the courtyard.

“Will you join me?” He asked.

I was speechless, but my feet were moving me toward him. I bent down, took off my shoes and felt the lush grass under my toes.


I stopped a few inches away from him.

“Feels heavenly, yes.” He spoke again. He was close enough that I could feel his warm breathe on my face. His cologne was out of this world wonderful.

“Yes, but won’t we be in trouble for this?” I asked.

“No signs. No one here but us.”

“My name is Tawny.” I said.

“Hi, I am Alvise.” He reached for my hand and kissed it. I almost fainted.

I did not want this moment to end. A charming stranger kissing my hand just like my dreams.

“Alvise.” I repeated in a slow voice.

“Means famous warrior.”

“Oh, mine is light brown.” I touched my hair.

He chuckled.

I snapped out of my trance. What a dork I am. I can’t believe I said that. Where is Simonne when I need her? She is the smooth talking one.

“I see. Very beautiful, Tawny.” He touched my hair.

Bucket list. Castle, check. Hot Italian guy touched me, check. I can die now.

“I planted this grass. Best decision I believe. My father did not think so.” Alvise said walking around looking at his feet.

“You planted, must be the grounds keeper?”

“No. This is my castle.” He chuckled.

“But, how? This castle is very old and no one lives here. It is a tourist site.”

“True. It is my home. I do not lie.”

Ok, go with it. He is too handsome to argue with. If he wants to believe it who am I to say any different.

“Why do you allow people to tour it?”

“It is a beautiful home. I am proud of it. Plus, it brings me beautiful women like you to it.” He kissed my hand again.

His kiss is like a spell. I forget the craziness of this.

“Tawny. Tawny.”

I could hear someone faintly calling my name. All I want to do is stare at this man’s gorgeous face.

Someone was shaking me.

I looked at Simonne.

“Earth to Tawny.”

I heard her laughing hysterically.

I looked at my hand.

Bird poop! Oh gross!

I bent down to wipe it on the grass. I saw my shoes off. It was not a dream.

“Oh, girl. You look like you were posing like a statue. No wonder the bird dropped its poo on you!” She was rolling with laughter.

I glared at her.

“Alvise was telling me about his castle. This is him.” I said angrily pointing to where he was standing.

“You named the bird. Girl I need to get you out more.”

“No! He is right there. Look!”

Simonne shook her head and grabbed me.

“The bird is right there.”

I looked again, she was right. Just the bird was sitting there no Alvise. I surely did not dream all this.

I looked up where I saw him first.

Alvise was smiling. He waved to me.

“Right there!” I yelled and pointed.

“Have you been drinking without me? Shame on you.”

Why can she not see him?

“Ladies, get off the grass! It is not to be walked on.” Said someone yelling behind us.

“Sorry sir. My friend seems to have a bit of jet lag.” Simonne yanked me back onto the stone pathway. She ran across the grass to get my shoes. She shoved them at me.

“Let’s catch up to the rest. I am making headway with Celio. He has a friend too, another guide.”

I do not understand. I felt his kiss. I smelled his cologne. I did not imagine it.

The cologne. I can smell it.

“Stop. He is here. I smell him.” I turned around. No one there.

Simonne shook her head at me.

“I have got to find you a man.”

Off we went to catch up with the group. Every room that we toured, I could smell him but not see him.

“This is where Alvise spent most of his days.” Celio stated.

“Alvise? You said?” I asked Celio the guide.

“Why yes, he was the first owner of the castle.”

“But that would make him very old and dead.” I said.

The whole group busted out laughing.

“Yes, you are correct.” Celio laughed.

No way had this happened. I did not have my first encounter with a ghost.

We reached the last room on the tour. The guide dismissed everyone and started walking towards us.

“My friend will be here in a minute. He is finishing up his tour.” Celio said.

“Sounds great. I am starving.” Simonne said.

“Here he comes.”

I turned to look in the direction Celio was looking. It is him.

“Hello ladies. Good to meet you.”

“This is my friend, Alvise.” Celio said.

I did a double take. Celio saw my shocked expression.

“Yes he is one of the castle relations. Way down the line of relatives, so he is not dead.” Celio chuckled.

Alvise kissed my hand. He made a face.

Oh, good grief, he grabbed the one the bird pooped on!

“Sorry, long story.” I stammered.

“While we are eating, you must tell me, what really happened.” He winked.

No, he is not, is he?

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Journal Oct 3-9

Oct 3rd

Question? What was the last bad movie you watched?


Luckily, I have not watched a bad one. I haven’t watched too many this year with the hubby being deployed.


It was some Earth movie. I forget the title even. Poor story line and acting. I couldn’t even watch 15 mins. of it. We rarely not watch all the way through.
Anniversary Flowers 2013 005 My beautiful anniversary flowers from hubby this year. 🙂

Oct 4th

Question? In three words, describe your love life.


Happy. Love him. No time for one on one anymore though.


Friend. Love. Happy.

Oct 5th

Question? What question makes you anxious?


Will my kids succeed?


Will I accomplish what I want before I’m too old to.

Oct 6th

Question? Do you have any new friends?


No one close but casual. Deb and Heather.


A couple new ones. Beth and Jennifer.

Oct. 7th

Question? Are you happy with your choices today?


Yes. I can’t sulk about it. What’s done is done. Learn.


I should have got up and made breakfast. It would get me moving. So not really happy with it today.

Oct 8th

Question? What is your biggest dream?


To be a famous writer. I would like people to admire me and family proud of me.


I want to live a happy and healthy life. I want a family that is close and spends time together.

Oct 9th

Question? You want a new _____


Car. 🙂


House. I already have an old one. It would be nice to have one without problems and stress.

460852_10150912197852483_1370307956_o My very old house. 🙂

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Journal Away…Aug 15-21

August 15
Question? What do you like best about your body today?
Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards - Arrivals
(Photo from I wish I looked that good! 🙂

Year 2012
My hair. I recently had it cut short and I really like it. It is a nice change and easy to take care of.

Year 2013
Well…that’s a bad question! 🙂 I suppose my legs. I have only a few old lady markings but in good shape. Exercising again so will be shaping up!

August 16
Question? What question do you love to answer?

Year 2012
None. I am horrible with answers.

Year 2013
Trivia questions! I love game shows and seeing if I know the answer. 🙂

August 17
Question? If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have the chance to do?

Year 2012
Sleep and write. Enough said. 🙂

Year 2013
Read. Sleep. Write. I am sure I would go totally nuts!

August 18
Question? What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
(Photo from I wish I was that thin and curvy! 🙂 Working on it. 🙂

Year 2012
My capris! I love spring and fall time when I wear them the most. Comfy!

Year 2013
My shorts. Love warm weather. I have a tan this year and look alright in them. I am medium baked! 🙂

August 19
Question? _______really bothered you today.

Year 2012

Year 2013
Lazy the cat! He wanted on my lap a lot when I was at the computer. Goofball!
(Photo from Looks just like him. What a goof! 🙂

August 20
Question? Whose team are you on?

Year 2012
Family — Us.

Year 2013
Team family all the way. I think it is important to have a good loving relationship with one another or life sucks.

August 21
Question? In 140 characters or fewer, summarize your day.

Year 2012
Relaxing. Busy. A different life for awhile.

Year 2013
Woke up. Social media. TV. Read. Exercised. Laughed. Wrote. Great day!

What was your day like?