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Rainbow Moonstone

A poem

Happy and free

Smoother transition into meditation

Calm the physical mind

From chatter can effect state

Perfect stone for present and mindful

Allows Crown Chakara to open and Bring in loving energies

Helps you to remember your true nature

Crystal milky white to marbled black and white pattern

Vibrations of feminine or goddess energy

Displays blue and sheen multicolored sheen

Unwanted energies or influences

Wisdom, banishes fears, strengthens oneself

Excellent stone for emotions.

I wrote the poem left handed and from info I found. It’s been awhile since I wrote a poem. 🙂

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Journal Oct 24-30

Captive (credit to images)

Oct 24th

Question? How are you? Write it in a rhyming couplet (two lines of verse that rhyme and have the same rhythm).


I am really terrible at the rhyming game.


Me and rhymes don’t play well together. 🙂

Oct 25th

Question? What is the most honest thing you’ve said today?


I’m hungry. 🙂


Mmm. Just a normal day. Milk is in the fridge. LOL

Oct 26th

Question? How do you feel about your body?


I wish I was thinner.


Alright. I wish I had kept myself in shape in my 30s. It is so hard to lose any weight now. Does feel good to exercise though. I am not going to give up. 🙂

Oct 27th

Question? What was the last goofy thing you did?

laughing_kitten (credit to images)


Laugh with the hubby.


I made a silly face on SnapChat to my daughter. She got me to try the app. I only have her, hubby, and the oldest son Shay. It is a fun way to laugh with one another. 🙂

Oct 28th

Question?  ______ is completely ridiculous.




Politics. It is so over grown. It needs to be cut back and go back to being for the people and not themselves or be so controlling.

Oct 29th

Question? Camping or hotel?


I like them both. There is a time for both.


Camping! It brings the family and friends together again. If you do it right, there is no electronic use! 🙂

Oct 30th

Question? Are you able to tell when you have enough?




Food-No. I love to eat way to much. I clean up everyone’s plate. LOL. Stress-Yes. I breathe in, breathe out. It helps in relaxing. If there is too much, change something about it.