A – and A + + Art Day 4


Day 4 in the #thedailymarker30day challenge! I’m rather enjoying the coloring. 😉  Perhaps this will be another background for a photo. 🙂 I have always enjoyed drawing shapes.

the-importance-of-negative-keywords (credit to Bing.com images)

The meal I cook ends up a disaster. 🙁  I get so excited to cook something different and then it doesn’t turn out to be like the perfect picture from the recipe. I do wing a lot of ingredients at times, so I tend to set myself up. lol

keep-calm-and-positive-energy (credit to Bing.com images)

My family eats said meal I make a disaster of anyway. 🙂 Of course, it comes with several jokes. Don’t tell them that I actually enjoy the jokes. 🙂  I always reply with just wait til you begin cooking and invite me over, payback. 😉

Any cooking disasters you’d like to tell?

Journal Aug 22-28

Aug 22

Question? What can’t you forget?


My dad’s suffering. Illness and loneliness.


All my bad decisions. I am learning from them and that helps to deal with them.

Aug 24

Question? Yes or no: everyone should have a backup plan.




Yes, because life throws lots of curve balls and you need to deal with them. A backup helps ease the curves.

Aug 24th

Question? Write your recipe for creativity.


Just do it. Try. Practice. Learn. Observe.


You won’t know if you don’t try. Learn. Observe. Create.

Aug 25

Question? What would you like to tell your father?


I wish you had made better choices, so you could have been a part of my life and my family’s.


I miss you and love you. I wish you were here as long as you weren’t suffering. Our time was too short.

Aug 26

Question? What’s the best part about your life right now?


Being with the hubby and kids. Healthy. Happy.


Healthy. Happy. Family. Spending time together. Learning together. Love.

Aug 27

Question? When was the last time you worked out?


LOL. June.


I slumped off this week. Bad me. Last was Thursday. Much better than years before though. 🙂

thCAG8SPUZAug 28

Question? How would you describe your victory dance?


Shake that booty!


Jump for joy and shake the booty. 🙂