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Summer Struggles

Guess summer really doesn’t start for another week, but I call it summer when school gets out. Shoot, with the high temperatures lately, maybe they should move summer up to May.

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The middle son had to go to summer school for failing a class the first semester. I have been taxi driver for him. He did get motivated to do most of the work at home so he could test out and be done with it. He did pass. Not a high-grade but he did pass.

I was conflicted with the class being online and only a mentor in the room. To me, shouldn’t a teacher be teaching since obviously the student didn’t understand the class to begin with? We also had to pay for said class, which now I am sure it was the online fee.

When I was in school many moons ago, if you failed, it was added to your schedule the next semester. I didn’t fail, but I heard a kid talking about having three English classes once. Crazy.

After talking to another parent, this math teacher failed 22 students in this class. Hmmm. I think maybe the school should be looking at this teacher. She doesn’t seem to be able to teach. My middle son said he couldn’t follow her at all. When he started the online class, he mentioned that it was nothing what she taught. Weird. I found out after the fact, that she didn’t even grade his final because he was already failing. Wow. That does not sound like a teacher that wants kids to succeed to me. I sure hope he doesn’t get her again.

This is also my kid that isn’t into school so it is a struggle, than to have a teacher that doesn’t care adds fuel to the problem. 😦

He is also an introvert, so he doesn’t speak up. Another struggle.

On a better note, he took a welding class and loved it. He is looking into going to welding school after graduating in two years. Made me happy. Trade jobs are good ones and pay well.  🙂  And then he also says after that school, he may join the Army. Sad face.

I have two in the military, not sure about another. But, I will support him with whatever he chooses.

The youngest son wanted a job this summer, but found out you have to be older for most of them. Plus, I told him to wait until next summer when he can drive himself there. Schedules tend to overlap for this taxi driver. 🙂 Sure wish I got paid for that. LOL

How’s your summer been going?

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Journal Aug 29 – Sept 4

Aug 29

Question? What did you have for dinner?


Sloppy joes.


Mac & Cheese with hamburger in it. Hubby’s dish he loves to cook for us. It’s quick and easy and everyone will eat it. 🙂


Aug 30

Question? What’s your simplest pleasure?


Reading a book.


Reading. I’ll read almost anything. It relieves stress and makes me happy. Good for the brain! 🙂

Aug 31

Question? What was the last wedding you attended?


Don’t recall. It has been a long time.


Crap. Can’t remember. We don’t get invited much. No family that is close or near marrying time.

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Sept 1

Question? Teacher or student?


Student. Love to learn.


Student all the way. Kudos to teachers. I couldn’t do it. I can’t explain things. I want to learn until I pass on.

Sept 2

Question? Is your home/apartment clean?


Duplex. Yes. It’s easy to keep up with.


Duplex. It is picked up. I need to deep clean again. It is never ending.

Sept 3

Question? Where have you found evidence of a higher power?


All around. Just believe.


The good in people. They believe so I believe. As long as people help one another there is a higher power.

Sept 4

Question? Where do you see yourself in five years?


In JC. Working part time. A writer. A designer.


I believe right here. Working and writing. Learning. Enjoying family and life.